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package internal

import ""


Package Files

annotate.go retry.go

func Annotate Uses

func Annotate(err error, msg string) error

Annotate prepends msg to the error message in err, attempting to preserve other information in err, like an error code.

Annotate panics if err is nil.

Annotate knows about these error types: - "".Status - "".Error If the error is not one of these types, Annotate behaves like

fmt.Errorf("%s: %v", msg, err)

func Annotatef Uses

func Annotatef(err error, format string, args ...interface{}) error

Annotatef uses format and args to format a string, then calls Annotate.

func Retry Uses

func Retry(ctx context.Context, bo gax.Backoff, f func() (stop bool, err error)) error

Retry calls the supplied function f repeatedly according to the provided backoff parameters. It returns when one of the following occurs: When f's first return value is true, Retry immediately returns with f's second return value. When the provided context is done, Retry returns with an error that includes both ctx.Error() and the last error returned by f.


btreePackage btree implements in-memory B-Trees of arbitrary degree.
fieldsPackage fields provides a view of the fields of a struct that follows the Go rules, amended to consider tags and case insensitivity.
leakcheckPackage leakcheck contains functions to check leaked goroutines.
optionalPackage optional provides versions of primitive types that can be nil.
prettyPackage pretty implements a simple pretty-printer.
protostructPackage protostruct supports operations on the protocol buffer Struct message.
testutilPackage testutil contains helper functions for writing tests.
tracecontextPackage tracecontext provides encoders and decoders for Stackdriver Trace contexts.
uidPackage uid supports generating unique IDs.
versionPackage version contains version information for Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go, as reported in request headers.

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