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package api

import ""


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var (
    LaunchStage_name = map[int32]string{
        6:  "UNIMPLEMENTED",
        7:  "PRELAUNCH",
        1:  "EARLY_ACCESS",
        2:  "ALPHA",
        3:  "BETA",
        4:  "GA",
        5:  "DEPRECATED",
    LaunchStage_value = map[string]int32{
        "UNIMPLEMENTED":            6,
        "PRELAUNCH":                7,
        "EARLY_ACCESS":             1,
        "ALPHA":                    2,
        "BETA":                     3,
        "GA":                       4,
        "DEPRECATED":               5,

Enum value maps for LaunchStage.

var File_google_api_launch_stage_proto protoreflect.FileDescriptor

type LaunchStage Uses

type LaunchStage int32

The launch stage as defined by [Google Cloud Platform Launch Stages](

const (
    // Do not use this default value.
    LaunchStage_LAUNCH_STAGE_UNSPECIFIED LaunchStage = 0
    // The feature is not yet implemented. Users can not use it.
    LaunchStage_UNIMPLEMENTED LaunchStage = 6
    // Prelaunch features are hidden from users and are only visible internally.
    LaunchStage_PRELAUNCH LaunchStage = 7
    // Early Access features are limited to a closed group of testers. To use
    // these features, you must sign up in advance and sign a Trusted Tester
    // agreement (which includes confidentiality provisions). These features may
    // be unstable, changed in backward-incompatible ways, and are not
    // guaranteed to be released.
    LaunchStage_EARLY_ACCESS LaunchStage = 1
    // Alpha is a limited availability test for releases before they are cleared
    // for widespread use. By Alpha, all significant design issues are resolved
    // and we are in the process of verifying functionality. Alpha customers
    // need to apply for access, agree to applicable terms, and have their
    // projects allowlisted. Alpha releases don’t have to be feature complete,
    // no SLAs are provided, and there are no technical support obligations, but
    // they will be far enough along that customers can actually use them in
    // test environments or for limited-use tests -- just like they would in
    // normal production cases.
    LaunchStage_ALPHA LaunchStage = 2
    // Beta is the point at which we are ready to open a release for any
    // customer to use. There are no SLA or technical support obligations in a
    // Beta release. Products will be complete from a feature perspective, but
    // may have some open outstanding issues. Beta releases are suitable for
    // limited production use cases.
    LaunchStage_BETA LaunchStage = 3
    // GA features are open to all developers and are considered stable and
    // fully qualified for production use.
    LaunchStage_GA LaunchStage = 4
    // Deprecated features are scheduled to be shut down and removed. For more
    // information, see the “Deprecation Policy” section of our [Terms of
    // Service](
    // and the [Google Cloud Platform Subject to the Deprecation
    // Policy]( documentation.
    LaunchStage_DEPRECATED LaunchStage = 5

func (LaunchStage) Descriptor Uses

func (LaunchStage) Descriptor() protoreflect.EnumDescriptor

func (LaunchStage) Enum Uses

func (x LaunchStage) Enum() *LaunchStage

func (LaunchStage) EnumDescriptor Uses

func (LaunchStage) EnumDescriptor() ([]byte, []int)

Deprecated: Use LaunchStage.Descriptor instead.

func (LaunchStage) Number Uses

func (x LaunchStage) Number() protoreflect.EnumNumber

func (LaunchStage) String Uses

func (x LaunchStage) String() string

func (LaunchStage) Type Uses

func (LaunchStage) Type() protoreflect.EnumType



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