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package base

import ""

Package base defines a balancer base that can be used to build balancers with different picking algorithms.

The base balancer creates a new SubConn for each resolved address. The provided picker will only be notified about READY SubConns.

This package is the base of round_robin balancer, its purpose is to be used to build round_robin like balancers with complex picking algorithms. Balancers with more complicated logic should try to implement a balancer builder from scratch.

All APIs in this package are experimental.


Package Files

balancer.go base.go

func NewBalancerBuilder Uses

func NewBalancerBuilder(name string, pb PickerBuilder) balancer.Builder

NewBalancerBuilder returns a balancer builder. The balancers built by this builder will use the picker builder to build pickers.

func NewBalancerBuilderV2 Uses

func NewBalancerBuilderV2(name string, pb V2PickerBuilder, config Config) balancer.Builder

NewBalancerBuilderV2 returns a base balancer builder configured by the provided config.

func NewBalancerBuilderWithConfig Uses

func NewBalancerBuilderWithConfig(name string, pb PickerBuilder, config Config) balancer.Builder

NewBalancerBuilderWithConfig returns a base balancer builder configured by the provided config.

func NewErrPicker Uses

func NewErrPicker(err error) balancer.Picker

NewErrPicker returns a picker that always returns err on Pick().

func NewErrPickerV2 Uses

func NewErrPickerV2(err error) balancer.V2Picker

NewErrPickerV2 returns a V2Picker that always returns err on Pick().

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // HealthCheck indicates whether health checking should be enabled for this specific balancer.
    HealthCheck bool

Config contains the config info about the base balancer builder.

type PickerBuildInfo Uses

type PickerBuildInfo struct {
    // ReadySCs is a map from all ready SubConns to the Addresses used to
    // create them.
    ReadySCs map[balancer.SubConn]SubConnInfo

PickerBuildInfo contains information needed by the picker builder to construct a picker.

type PickerBuilder Uses

type PickerBuilder interface {
    // Build takes a slice of ready SubConns, and returns a picker that will be
    // used by gRPC to pick a SubConn.
    Build(readySCs map[resolver.Address]balancer.SubConn) balancer.Picker

PickerBuilder creates balancer.Picker.

type SubConnInfo Uses

type SubConnInfo struct {
    Address resolver.Address // the address used to create this SubConn

SubConnInfo contains information about a SubConn created by the base balancer.

type V2PickerBuilder Uses

type V2PickerBuilder interface {
    // Build returns a picker that will be used by gRPC to pick a SubConn.
    Build(info PickerBuildInfo) balancer.V2Picker

V2PickerBuilder creates balancer.V2Picker.

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