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package state

import ""

Package state declares grpclb types to be set by resolvers wishing to pass information to grpclb via resolver.State Attributes.


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func Set Uses

func Set(state resolver.State, s *State) resolver.State

Set returns a copy of the provided state with attributes containing s. s's data should not be mutated after calling Set.

type State Uses

type State struct {
    // BalancerAddresses contains the remote load balancer address(es).  If
    // set, overrides any resolver-provided addresses with Type of GRPCLB.
    BalancerAddresses []resolver.Address

State contains gRPCLB-relevant data passed from the name resolver.

func Get Uses

func Get(state resolver.State) *State

Get returns the grpclb State in the resolver.State, or nil if not present. The returned data should not be mutated.

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