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package fakeserver

import ""

Package fakeserver provides a fake implementation of the RouteLookupService, to be used in unit tests.


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type Response Uses

type Response struct {
    Resp *rlspb.RouteLookupResponse
    Err  error

Response wraps the response protobuf (xds/LRS) and error that the Server should send out to the client through a call to stream.Send()

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    RequestChan  *testutils.Channel
    ResponseChan chan Response
    Address      string

Server is a fake implementation of RLS. It exposes channels to send/receive RLS requests and responses.

func Start Uses

func Start(lis net.Listener, opts ...grpc.ServerOption) (*Server, func(), error)

Start makes a new Server which uses the provided net.Listener. If lis is nil, it creates a new net.Listener on a local port. The returned cancel function should be invoked by the caller upon completion of the test.

func (*Server) ClientConn Uses

func (s *Server) ClientConn() (*grpc.ClientConn, func(), error)

ClientConn returns a grpc.ClientConn connected to the fakeServer.

func (*Server) RouteLookup Uses

func (s *Server) RouteLookup(ctx context.Context, req *rlspb.RouteLookupRequest) (*rlspb.RouteLookupResponse, error)

RouteLookup implements the RouteLookupService.

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