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package benchmark

import ""

Package benchmark implements the building blocks to setup end-to-end gRPC benchmarks.


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func AddOne Uses

func AddOne(features []int, featuresMaxPosition []int)

AddOne add 1 to the features slice

func DoByteBufStreamingRoundTrip Uses

func DoByteBufStreamingRoundTrip(stream testpb.BenchmarkService_StreamingCallClient, reqSize, respSize int) error

DoByteBufStreamingRoundTrip performs a round trip for a single streaming rpc, using a custom codec for byte buffer.

func DoStreamingRoundTrip Uses

func DoStreamingRoundTrip(stream testpb.BenchmarkService_StreamingCallClient, reqSize, respSize int) error

DoStreamingRoundTrip performs a round trip for a single streaming rpc.

func DoUnaryCall Uses

func DoUnaryCall(tc testpb.BenchmarkServiceClient, reqSize, respSize int) error

DoUnaryCall performs an unary RPC with given stub and request and response sizes.

func NewClientConn Uses

func NewClientConn(addr string, opts ...grpc.DialOption) *grpc.ClientConn

NewClientConn creates a gRPC client connection to addr.

func NewClientConnWithContext Uses

func NewClientConnWithContext(ctx context.Context, addr string, opts ...grpc.DialOption) *grpc.ClientConn

NewClientConnWithContext creates a gRPC client connection to addr using ctx.

func StartServer Uses

func StartServer(info ServerInfo, opts ...grpc.ServerOption) func()

StartServer starts a gRPC server serving a benchmark service according to info. It returns a function to stop the server.

type ServerInfo Uses

type ServerInfo struct {
    // Type is the type of the server.
    // It should be "protobuf" or "bytebuf".
    Type string

    // Metadata is an optional configuration.
    // For "protobuf", it's ignored.
    // For "bytebuf", it should be an int representing response size.
    Metadata interface{}

    // Listener is the network listener for the server to use
    Listener net.Listener

ServerInfo contains the information to create a gRPC benchmark server.


benchmainPackage main provides benchmark with setting flags.
benchresultTo format the benchmark result: go run benchmark/benchresult/main.go resultfile
latencyPackage latency provides wrappers for net.Conn, net.Listener, and net.Dialers, designed to interoperate to inject real-world latency into network connections.

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