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Command benchmain

Package main provides benchmark with setting flags.

An example to run some benchmarks with profiling enabled:

go run benchmark/benchmain/main.go -benchtime=10s -workloads=all \

-compression=gzip -maxConcurrentCalls=1 -trace=off \
-reqSizeBytes=1,1048576 -respSizeBytes=1,1048576 -networkMode=Local \
-cpuProfile=cpuProf -memProfile=memProf -memProfileRate=10000 -resultFile=result

As a suggestion, when creating a branch, you can run this benchmark and save the result file "-resultFile=basePerf", and later when you at the middle of the work or finish the work, you can get the benchmark result and compare it with the base anytime.

Assume there are two result files names as "basePerf" and "curPerf" created by adding -resultFile=basePerf and -resultFile=curPerf.

	To format the curPerf, run:
  	go run benchmark/benchresult/main.go curPerf
	To observe how the performance changes based on a base result, run:
  	go run benchmark/benchresult/main.go basePerf curPerf

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