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package connectivity

import ""

Package connectivity defines connectivity semantics. For details, see All APIs in this package are experimental.


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type Reporter Uses

type Reporter interface {
    // CurrentState returns the current state of the reporter.
    CurrentState() State
    // WaitForStateChange blocks until the reporter's state is different from the given state,
    // and returns true.
    // It returns false if <-ctx.Done() can proceed (ctx got timeout or got canceled).
    WaitForStateChange(context.Context, State) bool

Reporter reports the connectivity states.

type State Uses

type State int

State indicates the state of connectivity. It can be the state of a ClientConn or SubConn.

const (
    // Idle indicates the ClientConn is idle.
    Idle State = iota
    // Connecting indicates the ClientConn is connecting.
    // Ready indicates the ClientConn is ready for work.
    // TransientFailure indicates the ClientConn has seen a failure but expects to recover.
    // Shutdown indicates the ClientConn has started shutting down.

func (State) String Uses

func (s State) String() string

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