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package health

import ""

Package health provides a service that exposes server's health and it must be imported to enable support for client-side health checks.


Package Files

client.go server.go

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server implements `service Health`.

func NewServer Uses

func NewServer() *Server

NewServer returns a new Server.

func (*Server) Check Uses

func (s *Server) Check(ctx context.Context, in *healthpb.HealthCheckRequest) (*healthpb.HealthCheckResponse, error)

Check implements `service Health`.

func (*Server) SetServingStatus Uses

func (s *Server) SetServingStatus(service string, servingStatus healthpb.HealthCheckResponse_ServingStatus)

SetServingStatus is called when need to reset the serving status of a service or insert a new service entry into the statusMap.

func (*Server) Shutdown Uses

func (s *Server) Shutdown()

Shutdown sets all serving status to NOT_SERVING, and configures the server to ignore all future status changes.

func (*Server) Watch Uses

func (s *Server) Watch(in *healthpb.HealthCheckRequest, stream healthgrpc.Health_WatchServer) error

Watch implements `service Health`.



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