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package buffer

import ""

Package buffer provides an implementation of an unbounded buffer.


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type Unbounded Uses

type Unbounded struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Unbounded is an implementation of an unbounded buffer which does not use extra goroutines. This is typically used for passing updates from one entity to another within gRPC.

All methods on this type are thread-safe and don't block on anything except the underlying mutex used for synchronization.

Unbounded supports values of any type to be stored in it by using a channel of `interface{}`. This means that a call to Put() incurs an extra memory allocation, and also that users need a type assertion while reading. For performance critical code paths, using Unbounded is strongly discouraged and defining a new type specific implementation of this buffer is preferred. See internal/transport/transport.go for an example of this.

func NewUnbounded Uses

func NewUnbounded() *Unbounded

NewUnbounded returns a new instance of Unbounded.

func (*Unbounded) Get Uses

func (b *Unbounded) Get() <-chan interface{}

Get returns a read channel on which values added to the buffer, via Put(), are sent on.

Upon reading a value from this channel, users are expected to call Load() to send the next buffered value onto the channel if there is any.

func (*Unbounded) Load Uses

func (b *Unbounded) Load()

Load sends the earliest buffered data, if any, onto the read channel returned by Get(). Users are expected to call this every time they read a value from the read channel.

func (*Unbounded) Put Uses

func (b *Unbounded) Put(t interface{})

Put adds t to the unbounded buffer.

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