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package leakcheck

import ""

Package leakcheck contains functions to check leaked goroutines.

Call "defer leakcheck.Check(t)" at the beginning of tests.


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func Check Uses

func Check(efer Errorfer)

Check looks at the currently-running goroutines and checks if there are any interesting (created by gRPC) goroutines leaked. It waits up to 10 seconds in the error cases.

func RegisterIgnoreGoroutine Uses

func RegisterIgnoreGoroutine(s string)

RegisterIgnoreGoroutine appends s into the ignore goroutine list. The goroutines whose stack trace contains s will not be identified as leaked goroutines. Not thread-safe, only call this function in init().

type Errorfer Uses

type Errorfer interface {
    Errorf(format string, args ...interface{})

Errorfer is the interface that wraps the Errorf method. It's a subset of testing.TB to make it easy to use Check.

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