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package xds

import ""

Package xds contains xds implementation. Users need to import this package to get all xds functionality.

See for example.


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internalPackage internal contains functions/structs shared by xds balancers/resolvers.
internal/balancerPackage balancer installs all the xds balancers.
internal/balancer/balancergroupPackage balancergroup implements a utility struct to bind multiple balancers into one balancer.
internal/balancer/cdsbalancerPackage cdsbalancer implements a balancer to handle CDS responses.
internal/balancer/edsbalancerPackage edsbalancer contains EDS balancer implementation.
internal/balancer/lrsPackage lrs implements load reporting balancer for xds.
internal/balancer/orcaPackage orca implements Open Request Cost Aggregation.
internal/balancer/weightedtargetPackage weightedtarget implements the weighted_target balancer.
internal/balancer/weightedtarget/weightedaggregatorPackage weightedaggregator implements state aggregator for weighted_target balancer.
internal/balancer/xdsroutingPackage xdsrouting implements the routing balancer for xds.
internal/clientPackage client implementation a full fledged gRPC client for the xDS API used by the xds resolver and balancer implementations.
internal/client/bootstrapPackage bootstrap provides the functionality to initialize certain aspects of an xDS client by reading a bootstrap file.
internal/client/loadPackage load provides functionality to record and maintain load data.
internal/client/v2Package v2 provides xDS v2 transport protocol specific functionality.
internal/client/v3Package v3 provides xDS v3 transport protocol specific functionality.
internal/resolverPackage resolver implements the xds resolver, that does LDS and RDS to find the cluster to use.
internal/testutilsPackage testutils provides utility types, for use in xds tests.
internal/testutils/fakeclientPackage fakeclient provides a fake implementation of an xDS client.
internal/testutils/fakeserverPackage fakeserver provides a fake implementation of an xDS server.
internal/versionPackage version defines constants to distinguish between supported xDS API versions.

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