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package balancer

import ""

Package balancer contains xds balancer implementation.


Package Files

config.go xds.go xds_client_wrapper.go xds_old.go

type XDSConfig Uses

type XDSConfig struct {
    // BalancerName represents the load balancer to use.
    BalancerName string
    // ChildPolicy represents the load balancing config for the child
    // policy.
    ChildPolicy *loadBalancingConfig
    // FallBackPolicy represents the load balancing config for the
    // fallback.
    FallBackPolicy *loadBalancingConfig
    // Name to use in EDS query.  If not present, defaults to the server
    // name from the target URI.
    EDSServiceName string
    // LRS server to send load reports to.  If not present, load reporting
    // will be disabled.  If set to the empty string, load reporting will
    // be sent to the same server that we obtained CDS data from.
    LrsLoadReportingServerName *string

XDSConfig represents the loadBalancingConfig section of the service config for xDS balancers.

func (*XDSConfig) MarshalJSON Uses

func (l *XDSConfig) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON returns a JSON encoding of l.

func (*XDSConfig) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (l *XDSConfig) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON parses the JSON-encoded byte slice in data and stores it in l. When unmarshalling, we iterate through the childPolicy/fallbackPolicy lists and select the first LB policy which has been registered.


cdsbalancerPackage cdsbalancer implements a balancer to handle CDS responses.
edsbalancerPackage edsbalancer implements a balancer to handle EDS responses.
lrsPackage lrs implements load reporting service for xds balancer.
orcaPackage orca implements Open Request Cost Aggregation.

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