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package descopts

import ""

Package descopts contains the nil pointers to concrete descriptor options.

This package exists as a form of reverse dependency injection so that certain packages (e.g., internal/filedesc and internal/filetype can avoid a direct dependency on the descriptor proto package).


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var (
    File           pref.ProtoMessage
    Enum           pref.ProtoMessage
    EnumValue      pref.ProtoMessage
    Message        pref.ProtoMessage
    Field          pref.ProtoMessage
    Oneof          pref.ProtoMessage
    ExtensionRange pref.ProtoMessage
    Service        pref.ProtoMessage
    Method         pref.ProtoMessage

These variables are set by the init function in descriptor.pb.go via logic in internal/filetype. In other words, so long as the descriptor proto package is linked in, these variables will be populated.

Each variable is populated with a nil pointer to the options struct.

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