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package errors

import ""

Package errors implements functions to manipulate errors.


Package Files

errors.go is_go113.go


var Error = errors.New("protobuf error")

Error is a sentinel matching all errors produced by this package.

func InvalidUTF8 Uses

func InvalidUTF8(name string) error

func Is Uses

func Is(err, target error) bool

Is is errors.Is.

func New Uses

func New(f string, x ...interface{}) error

New formats a string according to the format specifier and arguments and returns an error that has a "proto" prefix.

func RequiredNotSet Uses

func RequiredNotSet(name string) error

func Wrap Uses

func Wrap(err error, f string, x ...interface{}) error

Wrap returns an error that has a "proto" prefix, the formatted string described by the format specifier and arguments, and a suffix of err. The error wraps err.

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