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package prototest

import ""

Package prototest exercises protobuf reflection.


Package Files

enum.go message.go

type Enum Uses

type Enum struct{}

Enum tests an EnumType implementation.

func (Enum) Test Uses

func (test Enum) Test(t testing.TB, et pref.EnumType)

type Message Uses

type Message struct {
    // Resolver is used to determine the list of extension fields to test with.
    // If nil, this defaults to using protoregistry.GlobalTypes.
    Resolver interface {
        FindExtensionByName(field pref.FullName) (pref.ExtensionType, error)
        FindExtensionByNumber(message pref.FullName, field pref.FieldNumber) (pref.ExtensionType, error)
        RangeExtensionsByMessage(message pref.FullName, f func(pref.ExtensionType) bool)

Message tests a message implemention.

func (Message) Test Uses

func (test Message) Test(t testing.TB, mt pref.MessageType)

Test performs tests on a MessageType implementation.

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