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package fixtures

import ""


Package Files



const Dir = "fixtures"

type SemanticConfig Uses

type SemanticConfig struct {
    // BlacklistTypes is a list of types that should not appear in semantic UAST.
    // Used to test if all cases of a specific native AST type were converted to semantic UAST.
    BlacklistTypes []string

type Suite Uses

type Suite struct {
    Lang string
    Ext  string // with dot
    Path string

    UpdateNative      bool // update native ASTs in fixtures to ones produced by driver
    UpdateUAST        bool // update UASTs in fixtures to ones produced by driver
    WriteViewerJSON   bool // write JSON compatible with uast-viewer
    WritePreprocessed bool // write a preprocessed UAST for fixtures

    NewDriver  func() driver.Native
    Transforms driver.Transforms

    BenchName string // fixture name to benchmark (with no extension)

    Semantic SemanticConfig

    // VerifyTokens checks that token and positional info matches.
    // Executed after the preprocessing stage (in annotated mode).
    VerifyTokens []positioner.VerifyToken

func (*Suite) RunBenchmarks Uses

func (s *Suite) RunBenchmarks(b *testing.B)

func (*Suite) RunTests Uses

func (s *Suite) RunTests(t *testing.T)

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