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package goracle

import "gopkg.in/goracle.v1"

Package godrv implements a Go Oracle driver.


Package Files

coldesc.go driver.go var.go


var (
    // Log is discarded by default. Use Log.SetHandler.
    Log = log15.New("lib", "goracle.godrv")
    // NotImplemented prints Not implemented
    NotImplemented = errgo.New("Not implemented")
    // IsDebug should we print debug logs?
    IsDebug bool

func NewVar Uses

func NewVar(stmt driver.Stmt, value interface{}) (*oracle.Variable, error)

NewVar calls NewVar on the underlying *oracle.Cursor. This allows out binds, and if value is a pointer, then GetValue is not needed.

func SetAutoCommit Uses

func SetAutoCommit(b bool)

SetAutoCommit sets auto commit mode for future connections true is open autocommit, default false

type ColDesc Uses

type ColDesc struct {
    // Name is the name of the column
    Name string

    // TypeName is the name of the type of the column
    TypeName string

    // DisplaySize is the display (char/rune) size
    DisplaySize int

    // InternalSize is the byte size
    InternalSize int

    // Precision is the number of all digits this number-like column can hold
    Precision int

    // Scale is the number of digits after the point
    Scale int

    // Nullable is true if the column can be null
    Nullable bool

ColDesc is a column's description

type ColumnDescriber Uses

type ColumnDescriber interface {
    // DescribeColumn returns the column description
    DescribeColumns() []ColDesc

ColumnDescriber interface allows the column's description

type Driver Uses

type Driver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver implements a Driver

func (*Driver) Open Uses

func (d *Driver) Open(uri string) (driver.Conn, error)

Open new connection. The uri need to have the following syntax:


SID (database identifier) can be a DSN (see goracle/oracle.MakeDSN)


examples/conntestPackage main in conntest represents a connection testing program.
examples/csvdumpPackage main in csvdump represents a cursor->csv dumper
examples/csvloadPackage main in csvload is a csv -> table loader.
oraclePackage oracle is translated from cx_Oracle ((c) Anthony Tuininga) by Tamás Gulácsi
rdbdrvPackage rdbdrv implements a Go Oracle driver for bitbucket.org/kardianos/rdb

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