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package cookies

import ""


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func Add Uses

func Add(cookie *http.Cookie) p.Plugin

Add adds a cookie to the request. Per RFC 6265 section 5.4, AddCookie does not attach more than one Cookie header field. That means all cookies, if any, are written into the same line, separated by semicolon.

func AddMultiple Uses

func AddMultiple(cookies []*http.Cookie) p.Plugin

AddMultiple adds a list of cookies.

func DelAll Uses

func DelAll() p.Plugin

DelAll deletes all the cookies by deleting the Cookie header field.

func Jar Uses

func Jar() p.Plugin

Jar creates a cookie jar to store HTTP cookies when they are sent down.

func Set Uses

func Set(key, value string) p.Plugin

Set sets a new cookie field by key and value.

func SetMap Uses

func SetMap(cookies map[string]string) p.Plugin

SetMap sets a map of cookies represented by key-value pair.

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