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package etype

import "gopkg.in/jcmturner/gokrb5.v7/crypto/etype"

Package etype provides the Kerberos Encryption Type interface


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type EType Uses

type EType interface {
    GetETypeID() int32
    GetHashID() int32
    GetKeyByteSize() int
    GetKeySeedBitLength() int                                   // key-generation seed length, k
    GetDefaultStringToKeyParams() string                        // default string-to-key parameters (s2kparams)
    StringToKey(string, salt, s2kparams string) ([]byte, error) // string-to-key (UTF-8 string, UTF-8 string, opaque)->(protocol-key)
    RandomToKey(b []byte) []byte                                // random-to-key (bitstring[K])->(protocol-key)
    GetHMACBitLength() int                                      // HMAC output size, h
    GetMessageBlockByteSize() int                               // message block size, m
    EncryptData(key, data []byte) ([]byte, []byte, error)       // E function - encrypt (specific-key, state, octet string)->(state, octet string)
    EncryptMessage(key, message []byte, usage uint32) ([]byte, []byte, error)
    DecryptData(key, data []byte) ([]byte, error) // D function
    DecryptMessage(key, ciphertext []byte, usage uint32) ([]byte, error)
    GetCypherBlockBitLength() int                           // cipher block size, c
    GetConfounderByteSize() int                             // This is the same as the cipher block size but in bytes.
    DeriveKey(protocolKey, usage []byte) ([]byte, error)    // DK key-derivation (protocol-key, integer)->(specific-key)
    DeriveRandom(protocolKey, usage []byte) ([]byte, error) // DR pseudo-random (protocol-key, octet-string)->(octet-string)
    VerifyIntegrity(protocolKey, ct, pt []byte, usage uint32) bool
    GetChecksumHash(protocolKey, data []byte, usage uint32) ([]byte, error)
    VerifyChecksum(protocolKey, data, chksum []byte, usage uint32) bool
    GetHashFunc() func() hash.Hash

EType is the interface defining the Encryption Type.

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