kubernetes.v0: gopkg.in/kubernetes/kubernetes.v0


examplesExamples contains sample applications for trying out the concepts in Kubernetes.
examples/explorerA tiny web server for viewing the environment kubernetes creates for your containers.
hacke2e.go runs the e2e test suite.
pkg/apiPackage api contains the latest (or "internal") version of the Kubernetes API objects.
pkg/api/errorsPackage errors provides detailed error types for api field validation.
pkg/api/errors/etcdPackage etcd provides conversion of etcd errors to API errors.
pkg/api/latestPackage latest defines the default output serializations that code should use and imports the required schemas.
pkg/api/metaPackage meta provides functions for retrieving API metadata from objects belonging to the Kubernetes API
pkg/api/registeredPackage to keep track of API Versions that should be registered in api.Scheme.
pkg/api/restPackage rest defines common logic around changes to Kubernetes resources.
pkg/apiserverPackage apiserver contains the code that provides a rest.ful api service.
pkg/api/testapiPackage testapi provides a helper for retrieving the KUBE_API_VERSION environment variable.
pkg/api/v1Package v1 is the v1 version of the API.
pkg/api/v1beta3Package v1beta3 is the v1beta3 version of the API.
pkg/api/validationPackage validation has functions for validating the correctness of api objects and explaining what is wrong with them when they aren't valid.
pkg/capabilitiespackage capbabilities manages system level capabilities
pkg/clientPackage client contains the implementation of the client side communication with the Kubernetes master.
pkg/clientauthPackage authcfg defines a file format for holding authentication information needed by clients of Kubernetes.
pkg/client/cachePackage cache is a client-side caching mechanism.
pkg/client/chaosclientPackage chaosclient makes it easy to simulate network latency, misbehaving servers, and random errors from servers.
pkg/client/clientcmdPackage clientcmd provides one stop shopping for building a working client from a fixed config, from a .kubeconfig file, from command line flags, or from any merged combination.
pkg/client/portforwardPackage portforward adds support for SSH-like port forwarding from the client's local host to remote containers.
pkg/client/recordPackage record has all client logic for recording and reporting events.
pkg/client/remotecommandPackage remotecommand adds support for executing commands in containers, with support for separate stdin, stdout, and stderr streams, as well as TTY.
pkg/cloudproviderPackage cloudprovider supplies interfaces and implementations for cloud service providers.
pkg/cloudprovider/fakePackage fake_cloud is a test-double implementation of cloudprovider Interface, TCPLoadBalancer and Instances.
pkg/cloudprovider/gcePackage gce_cloud is an implementation of Interface, TCPLoadBalancer and Instances for Google Compute Engine.
pkg/cloudprovider/nodecontrollerPackage nodecontroller contains code for syncing cloud instances with minion registry
pkg/cloudprovider/routecontrollerPackage routecontroller contains code for syncing cloud routing rules with the list of registered nodes.
pkg/cloudprovider/servicecontrollerPackage servicecontroller contains code for syncing cloud load balancers with the service registry.
pkg/cloudprovider/vagrantPackage vagrant_cloud is an implementation of Interface, TCPLoadBalancer and Instances for developer managed Vagrant cluster.
pkg/controllerPackage controller contains logic for watching and synchronizing replicationControllers.
pkg/controller/frameworkPackage framework implements all the grunt work involved in running a simple controller.
pkg/conversionPackage conversion provides go object versioning and encoding/decoding mechanisms.
pkg/conversion/queryparamsPackage queryparams provides conversion from versioned runtime objects to URL query values
pkg/credentialproviderPackage credentialprovider supplies interfaces and implementations for docker registry providers to expose their authentication scheme.
pkg/credentialprovider/gcpPackage gcp_credentials contains implementations of DockerConfigProvider for Google Cloud Platform.
pkg/fieldpathPackage fieldpath supplies methods for extracting fields from objects given a path to a field.
pkg/fieldsPackage fields implements a simple field system, parsing and matching selectors with sets of fields.
pkg/healthzPackage healthz implements basic http server health checking.
pkg/httplogPackage httplog contains a helper object and functions to maintain a log along with an http response.
pkg/hyperkubePackage hyperkube is a framework for kubernetes server components.
pkg/kubectlPackage kubectl is a set of libraries that are used by the kubectl command line tool.
pkg/kubectl/resourcePackage resource assists clients in dealing with RESTful objects that match the Kubernetes API conventions.
pkg/kubeletPackage kubelet is the package that contains the libraries that drive the Kubelet binary.
pkg/kubelet/cadvisorKubelet interactions with cAdvisor.
pkg/kubelet/configReads the pod configuration from the Kubernetes apiserver.
pkg/kubelet/envvarsPackage envvars is the package that build the environment variables that kubernetes provides to the containers run by it.
pkg/kubelet/leakyPackage leaky holds bits of kubelet that should be internal but have leaked out through bad abstractions.
pkg/kubelet/lifecycleHandlers for pod lifecycle events.
pkg/kubelet/network/execPackage exec scans and loads networking plugins that are installed under /usr/libexec/kubernetes/kubelet-plugins/net/exec/ The layout convention for a plugin is: plugin-name/ (plugins have to be directories first) plugin-name/plugin-name (executable that will be called out, see Vendoring Note for more nuances) plugin-name/<other-files> where, 'executable' has the following requirements: - should ...
pkg/kubelet/typesCommon types in the Kubelet.
pkg/kubelet/utilUtility functions.
pkg/labelsPackage labels implements a simple label system, parsing and matching selectors with sets of labels.
pkg/masterPackage master contains code for setting up and running a Kubernetes cluster master.
pkg/master/portsPackage ports defines ports used by various pieces of the kubernetes infrastructure.
pkg/namespacenamespace contains a controller that handles namespace lifecycle
pkg/probePackage probe contains utilities for health probing, as well as health status information.
pkg/proxyPackage proxy implements the layer-3 network proxy.
pkg/proxy/configPackage config provides decoupling between various configuration sources (etcd, files,...) and the pieces that actually care about them (loadbalancer, proxy).
pkg/registryPackage registry implements the storage and system logic for the core of the api server.
pkg/registry/componentstatusPackage componentstatus provides interfaces and implementation for retrieving cluster component status.
pkg/registry/controllerPackage controller provides Registry interface and it's RESTStorage implementation for storing ReplicationController api objects.
pkg/registry/endpointPackage endpoint provides Registry interface and it's RESTStorage implementation for storing Endpoint api objects.
pkg/registry/etcdPackage etcd provides etcd backend implementation for storing PodRegistry, ControllerRegistry and ServiceRegistry api objects.
pkg/registry/eventPackage event provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing Event api objects.
pkg/registry/genericPackage generic provides a generic object store interface and a generic label/field matching type.
pkg/registry/generic/etcdPackage etcd has a generic implementation of a registry that stores things in etcd.
pkg/registry/generic/restPackage rest has generic implementations of resources used for REST responses
pkg/registry/limitrangePackage limitrange provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing LimitRange api objects.
pkg/registry/minionPackage minion provides Registry interface and implementation for storing Minions.
pkg/registry/namespacePackage namespace provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing Namespace api objects.
pkg/registry/podPackage pod provides Registry interface and it's RESTStorage implementation for storing Pod api objects.
pkg/registry/podtemplatePackage podtemplate provides RESTStorage implementations for storing PodTemplate API objects.
pkg/registry/registrytestPackage registrytest provides tests for Registry implementations for storing Minions, Pods, Schedulers and Services.
pkg/registry/resourcequotaPackage resourcequota provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing ResourceQuota api objects.
pkg/registry/secretPackage secrets provides Registry interface and its REST implementation for storing Secret api objects.
pkg/registry/servicePackage service provides the Registry interface and its RESTStorage implementation for storing Service api objects.
pkg/registry/serviceaccountPackage serviceaccount provides a Registry interface and a strategy implementation for storing ServiceAccount API objects.
pkg/resourcequotaresourcequota contains a controller that makes resource quota usage observations
pkg/runtimeDefines conversions between generic types and structs to map query strings to struct objects.
pkg/securitycontextPackage securitycontext contains security context api implementations
pkg/servicePackage service provides EndpointController implementation to manage and sync service endpoints.
pkg/serviceaccountPackage serviceaccount provides implementations to manage service accounts and service account tokens
pkg/toolsPackage tools implements types which help work with etcd which depend on the api package.
pkg/typesPackage types implements various generic types used throughout kubernetes.
pkg/uipackage ui contains utilities for accessing the static data files compiled in the data/* subdirectories.
pkg/utilPackage util implements various utility functions used in both testing and implementation of Kubernetes.
pkg/util/configPackage config provides utility objects for decoupling sources of configuration and the actual configuration state.
pkg/util/errorsPackage errors implements various utility functions and types around errors.
pkg/util/execPackage exec provides an injectable interface and implementations for running commands.
pkg/util/flushwriterPackage flushwriter implements a wrapper for a writer that flushes on every write if that writer implements the io.Flusher interface
pkg/util/httpstreamPackage httpstream adds multiplexed streaming support to HTTP requests and responses via connection upgrades.
pkg/util/iptablesPackage iptables provides an interface and implementations for running iptables commands.
pkg/util/mountPackage mount defines an interface to mounting filesystems.
pkg/util/proxyPackage proxy provides transport and upgrade support for proxies
pkg/util/slicePackage slice provides utility methods for common operations on slices.
pkg/util/waitPackage wait provides tools for polling or listening for changes to a condition.
pkg/util/workqueuePackage workqueue provides a simple queue that supports the following features: * Fair: items processed in the order in which they are added.
pkg/versionPackage version supplies version information collected at build time to kubernetes components.
pkg/version/verflagPackage verflag defines utility functions to handle command line flags related to version of Kubernetes.
pkg/volumePackage volume includes internal representations of external volume types as well as utility methods required to mount/unmount volumes to kubelets.
pkg/volume/glusterfsPackage glusterfs contains the internal representation of glusterfs volumes.
pkg/volume/iscsiPackage iscsi contains the internal representation of Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) volumes.
pkg/volume/nfsPackage nfs contains the internal representation of network file system (NFS) volumes.
pkg/volume/rbdPackage rbd contains the internal representation of Rados Block Store (Ceph) volumes.
pkg/volume/secretPackage secret contains the internal representation of secret volumes.
pkg/volume/utilContains utility code for use by volume plugins.
pkg/watchPackage watch contains a generic watchable interface, and a fake for testing code that uses the watch interface.
pkg/watch/jsonPackage json implements a simple encoder and decoder for streams of watch events over io.Writer/Readers

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