kubernetes.v0: gopkg.in/kubernetes/kubernetes.v0/pkg


apiPackage api contains the latest (or "internal") version of the Kubernetes API objects.
api/errorsPackage errors provides detailed error types for api field validation.
api/errors/etcdPackage etcd provides conversion of etcd errors to API errors.
api/latestPackage latest defines the default output serializations that code should use and imports the required schemas.
api/metaPackage meta provides functions for retrieving API metadata from objects belonging to the Kubernetes API
api/registeredPackage to keep track of API Versions that should be registered in api.Scheme.
api/restPackage rest defines common logic around changes to Kubernetes resources.
apiserverPackage apiserver contains the code that provides a rest.ful api service.
api/testapiPackage testapi provides a helper for retrieving the KUBE_API_VERSION environment variable.
api/v1Package v1 is the v1 version of the API.
api/v1beta3Package v1beta3 is the v1beta3 version of the API.
api/validationPackage validation has functions for validating the correctness of api objects and explaining what is wrong with them when they aren't valid.
capabilitiespackage capbabilities manages system level capabilities
clientPackage client contains the implementation of the client side communication with the Kubernetes master.
clientauthPackage authcfg defines a file format for holding authentication information needed by clients of Kubernetes.
client/cachePackage cache is a client-side caching mechanism.
client/chaosclientPackage chaosclient makes it easy to simulate network latency, misbehaving servers, and random errors from servers.
client/clientcmdPackage clientcmd provides one stop shopping for building a working client from a fixed config, from a .kubeconfig file, from command line flags, or from any merged combination.
client/portforwardPackage portforward adds support for SSH-like port forwarding from the client's local host to remote containers.
client/recordPackage record has all client logic for recording and reporting events.
client/remotecommandPackage remotecommand adds support for executing commands in containers, with support for separate stdin, stdout, and stderr streams, as well as TTY.
cloudproviderPackage cloudprovider supplies interfaces and implementations for cloud service providers.
cloudprovider/fakePackage fake_cloud is a test-double implementation of cloudprovider Interface, TCPLoadBalancer and Instances.
cloudprovider/gcePackage gce_cloud is an implementation of Interface, TCPLoadBalancer and Instances for Google Compute Engine.
cloudprovider/nodecontrollerPackage nodecontroller contains code for syncing cloud instances with minion registry
cloudprovider/routecontrollerPackage routecontroller contains code for syncing cloud routing rules with the list of registered nodes.
cloudprovider/servicecontrollerPackage servicecontroller contains code for syncing cloud load balancers with the service registry.
cloudprovider/vagrantPackage vagrant_cloud is an implementation of Interface, TCPLoadBalancer and Instances for developer managed Vagrant cluster.
controllerPackage controller contains logic for watching and synchronizing replicationControllers.
controller/frameworkPackage framework implements all the grunt work involved in running a simple controller.
conversionPackage conversion provides go object versioning and encoding/decoding mechanisms.
conversion/queryparamsPackage queryparams provides conversion from versioned runtime objects to URL query values
credentialproviderPackage credentialprovider supplies interfaces and implementations for docker registry providers to expose their authentication scheme.
credentialprovider/gcpPackage gcp_credentials contains implementations of DockerConfigProvider for Google Cloud Platform.
fieldpathPackage fieldpath supplies methods for extracting fields from objects given a path to a field.
fieldsPackage fields implements a simple field system, parsing and matching selectors with sets of fields.
healthzPackage healthz implements basic http server health checking.
httplogPackage httplog contains a helper object and functions to maintain a log along with an http response.
hyperkubePackage hyperkube is a framework for kubernetes server components.
kubectlPackage kubectl is a set of libraries that are used by the kubectl command line tool.
kubectl/resourcePackage resource assists clients in dealing with RESTful objects that match the Kubernetes API conventions.
kubeletPackage kubelet is the package that contains the libraries that drive the Kubelet binary.
kubelet/cadvisorKubelet interactions with cAdvisor.
kubelet/configReads the pod configuration from the Kubernetes apiserver.
kubelet/envvarsPackage envvars is the package that build the environment variables that kubernetes provides to the containers run by it.
kubelet/leakyPackage leaky holds bits of kubelet that should be internal but have leaked out through bad abstractions.
kubelet/lifecycleHandlers for pod lifecycle events.
kubelet/network/execPackage exec scans and loads networking plugins that are installed under /usr/libexec/kubernetes/kubelet-plugins/net/exec/ The layout convention for a plugin is: plugin-name/ (plugins have to be directories first) plugin-name/plugin-name (executable that will be called out, see Vendoring Note for more nuances) plugin-name/<other-files> where, 'executable' has the following requirements: - should ...
kubelet/typesCommon types in the Kubelet.
kubelet/utilUtility functions.
labelsPackage labels implements a simple label system, parsing and matching selectors with sets of labels.
masterPackage master contains code for setting up and running a Kubernetes cluster master.
master/portsPackage ports defines ports used by various pieces of the kubernetes infrastructure.
namespacenamespace contains a controller that handles namespace lifecycle
probePackage probe contains utilities for health probing, as well as health status information.
proxyPackage proxy implements the layer-3 network proxy.
proxy/configPackage config provides decoupling between various configuration sources (etcd, files,...) and the pieces that actually care about them (loadbalancer, proxy).
registryPackage registry implements the storage and system logic for the core of the api server.
registry/componentstatusPackage componentstatus provides interfaces and implementation for retrieving cluster component status.
registry/controllerPackage controller provides Registry interface and it's RESTStorage implementation for storing ReplicationController api objects.
registry/endpointPackage endpoint provides Registry interface and it's RESTStorage implementation for storing Endpoint api objects.
registry/etcdPackage etcd provides etcd backend implementation for storing PodRegistry, ControllerRegistry and ServiceRegistry api objects.
registry/eventPackage event provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing Event api objects.
registry/genericPackage generic provides a generic object store interface and a generic label/field matching type.
registry/generic/etcdPackage etcd has a generic implementation of a registry that stores things in etcd.
registry/generic/restPackage rest has generic implementations of resources used for REST responses
registry/limitrangePackage limitrange provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing LimitRange api objects.
registry/minionPackage minion provides Registry interface and implementation for storing Minions.
registry/namespacePackage namespace provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing Namespace api objects.
registry/podPackage pod provides Registry interface and it's RESTStorage implementation for storing Pod api objects.
registry/podtemplatePackage podtemplate provides RESTStorage implementations for storing PodTemplate API objects.
registry/registrytestPackage registrytest provides tests for Registry implementations for storing Minions, Pods, Schedulers and Services.
registry/resourcequotaPackage resourcequota provides Registry interface and it's REST implementation for storing ResourceQuota api objects.
registry/secretPackage secrets provides Registry interface and its REST implementation for storing Secret api objects.
registry/servicePackage service provides the Registry interface and its RESTStorage implementation for storing Service api objects.
registry/serviceaccountPackage serviceaccount provides a Registry interface and a strategy implementation for storing ServiceAccount API objects.
resourcequotaresourcequota contains a controller that makes resource quota usage observations
runtimeDefines conversions between generic types and structs to map query strings to struct objects.
securitycontextPackage securitycontext contains security context api implementations
servicePackage service provides EndpointController implementation to manage and sync service endpoints.
serviceaccountPackage serviceaccount provides implementations to manage service accounts and service account tokens
toolsPackage tools implements types which help work with etcd which depend on the api package.
typesPackage types implements various generic types used throughout kubernetes.
uipackage ui contains utilities for accessing the static data files compiled in the data/* subdirectories.
utilPackage util implements various utility functions used in both testing and implementation of Kubernetes.
util/configPackage config provides utility objects for decoupling sources of configuration and the actual configuration state.
util/errorsPackage errors implements various utility functions and types around errors.
util/execPackage exec provides an injectable interface and implementations for running commands.
util/flushwriterPackage flushwriter implements a wrapper for a writer that flushes on every write if that writer implements the io.Flusher interface
util/httpstreamPackage httpstream adds multiplexed streaming support to HTTP requests and responses via connection upgrades.
util/iptablesPackage iptables provides an interface and implementations for running iptables commands.
util/mountPackage mount defines an interface to mounting filesystems.
util/proxyPackage proxy provides transport and upgrade support for proxies
util/slicePackage slice provides utility methods for common operations on slices.
util/waitPackage wait provides tools for polling or listening for changes to a condition.
util/workqueuePackage workqueue provides a simple queue that supports the following features: * Fair: items processed in the order in which they are added.
versionPackage version supplies version information collected at build time to kubernetes components.
version/verflagPackage verflag defines utility functions to handle command line flags related to version of Kubernetes.
volumePackage volume includes internal representations of external volume types as well as utility methods required to mount/unmount volumes to kubelets.
volume/glusterfsPackage glusterfs contains the internal representation of glusterfs volumes.
volume/iscsiPackage iscsi contains the internal representation of Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) volumes.
volume/nfsPackage nfs contains the internal representation of network file system (NFS) volumes.
volume/rbdPackage rbd contains the internal representation of Rados Block Store (Ceph) volumes.
volume/secretPackage secret contains the internal representation of secret volumes.
volume/utilContains utility code for use by volume plugins.
watchPackage watch contains a generic watchable interface, and a fake for testing code that uses the watch interface.
watch/jsonPackage json implements a simple encoder and decoder for streams of watch events over io.Writer/Readers

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