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package remotecommand

import "gopkg.in/kubernetes/kubernetes.v0/pkg/client/remotecommand"

Package remotecommand adds support for executing commands in containers, with support for separate stdin, stdout, and stderr streams, as well as TTY.


Package Files

doc.go remotecommand.go

type Executor Uses

type Executor struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Executor executes a command on a pod container

func New Uses

func New(req *client.Request, config *client.Config, command []string, stdin io.Reader, stdout, stderr io.Writer, tty bool) *Executor

New creates a new RemoteCommandExecutor

func (*Executor) Execute Uses

func (e *Executor) Execute() error

Execute sends a remote command execution request, upgrading the connection and creating streams to represent stdin/stdout/stderr. Data is copied between these streams and the supplied stdin/stdout/stderr parameters.

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