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package controller

import "gopkg.in/kubernetes/kubernetes.v0/pkg/registry/service/portallocator/controller"


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type Repair Uses

type Repair struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

See ipallocator/controller/repair.go; this is a copy for ports.

func NewRepair Uses

func NewRepair(interval time.Duration, registry service.Registry, portRange util.PortRange, alloc service.RangeRegistry) *Repair

NewRepair creates a controller that periodically ensures that all ports are uniquely allocated across the cluster and generates informational warnings for a cluster that is not in sync.

func (*Repair) RunOnce Uses

func (c *Repair) RunOnce() error

RunOnce verifies the state of the port allocations and returns an error if an unrecoverable problem occurs.

func (*Repair) RunUntil Uses

func (c *Repair) RunUntil(ch chan struct{})

RunUntil starts the controller until the provided ch is closed.

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