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package resourcequota

import "gopkg.in/kubernetes/kubernetes.v0/pkg/resourcequota"

resourcequota contains a controller that makes resource quota usage observations


Package Files

doc.go resource_quota_controller.go

func FilterQuotaPods Uses

func FilterQuotaPods(pods []api.Pod) []*api.Pod

FilterQuotaPods eliminates pods that no longer have a cost against the quota pods that have a restart policy of always are always returned pods that are in a failed state, but have a restart policy of on failure are always returned pods that are not in a success state or a failure state are included in quota

func IsPodCPUUnbounded Uses

func IsPodCPUUnbounded(pod *api.Pod) bool

IsPodCPUUnbounded returns true if the cpu use is unbounded for any container in pod

func IsPodMemoryUnbounded Uses

func IsPodMemoryUnbounded(pod *api.Pod) bool

IsPodMemoryUnbounded returns true if the memory use is unbounded for any container in pod

func PodCPU Uses

func PodCPU(pod *api.Pod) *resource.Quantity

PodCPU computes total cpu usage of a pod

func PodMemory Uses

func PodMemory(pod *api.Pod) *resource.Quantity

PodMemory computes the memory usage of a pod

type ResourceQuotaManager Uses

type ResourceQuotaManager struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ResourceQuotaManager is responsible for tracking quota usage status in the system

func NewResourceQuotaManager Uses

func NewResourceQuotaManager(kubeClient client.Interface) *ResourceQuotaManager

NewResourceQuotaManager creates a new ResourceQuotaManager

func (*ResourceQuotaManager) Run Uses

func (rm *ResourceQuotaManager) Run(period time.Duration)

Run begins watching and syncing.

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