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package rbd

import "gopkg.in/kubernetes/kubernetes.v0/pkg/volume/rbd"

Package rbd contains the internal representation of Rados Block Store (Ceph) volumes.


Package Files

disk_manager.go doc.go rbd.go rbd_util.go


const (
    RBDPluginName = "kubernetes.io/rbd"

func ProbeVolumePlugins Uses

func ProbeVolumePlugins() []volume.VolumePlugin

This is the primary entrypoint for volume plugins.

type RBDPlugin Uses

type RBDPlugin struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RBDPlugin) CanSupport Uses

func (plugin *RBDPlugin) CanSupport(spec *volume.Spec) bool

func (*RBDPlugin) GetAccessModes Uses

func (plugin *RBDPlugin) GetAccessModes() []api.PersistentVolumeAccessMode

func (*RBDPlugin) Init Uses

func (plugin *RBDPlugin) Init(host volume.VolumeHost)

func (*RBDPlugin) Name Uses

func (plugin *RBDPlugin) Name() string

func (*RBDPlugin) NewBuilder Uses

func (plugin *RBDPlugin) NewBuilder(spec *volume.Spec, pod *api.Pod, _ volume.VolumeOptions, mounter mount.Interface) (volume.Builder, error)

func (*RBDPlugin) NewCleaner Uses

func (plugin *RBDPlugin) NewCleaner(volName string, podUID types.UID, mounter mount.Interface) (volume.Cleaner, error)

type RBDUtil Uses

type RBDUtil struct{}

func (*RBDUtil) AttachDisk Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) AttachDisk(rbd rbd) error

func (*RBDUtil) DetachDisk Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) DetachDisk(rbd rbd, mntPath string) error

func (*RBDUtil) MakeGlobalPDName Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) MakeGlobalPDName(rbd rbd) string

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