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package appstats

import ""

Package appstats profiles the RPC performance of Google App Engine applications.


To use this package, change your HTTP handler functions to use this signature:

func(appengine.Context, http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)

Register them in the usual way, wrapping them with NewHandler.


This is a small example using this package.

import (



func init() {
	http.Handle("/", appstats.NewHandler(Main))

func Main(c appengine.Context, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
	// do stuff with c: datastore.Get(c, key, entity)


Use your app, and view the appstats interface at http://localhost:8080/_ah/stats/, or your production URL.


Refer to the variables section of the documentation:


In general, your app.yaml will not need to change. In the case of conflicting routes, add the following to your app.yaml:

- url: /_ah/stats/.*
  script: _go_app


Cost calculation is experimental. Currently it only includes write ops (read and small ops are TODO).


Package Files

appstats.go bytesize.go cost.go doc.go funcs.go handler.go html.go static.go types.go


var (
    // RecordFraction is the fraction of requests to record.
    // Set to a number between 0.0 (none) and 1.0 (all).
    RecordFraction float64 = 1.0

    // ShouldRecord is the function used to determine if recording will occur
    // for a given request. The default is to use RecordFraction.
    ShouldRecord = DefaultShouldRecord

    // ProtoMaxBytes is the amount of protobuf data to record.
    // Data after this is truncated.
    ProtoMaxBytes = 150

    // Namespace is the memcache namespace under which to store appstats data.
    Namespace = "__appstats__"

func DefaultShouldRecord Uses

func DefaultShouldRecord(r *http.Request) bool

DefaultShouldRecord will record a request based on RecordFraction.

func NewHandler Uses

func NewHandler(f func(appengine.Context, http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)) http.Handler

NewHandler returns a new Handler that will execute f.

func NewHandlerFunc Uses

func NewHandlerFunc(f func(appengine.Context, http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)) http.HandlerFunc

NewHandlerFunc returns a new HandlerFunc that will execute f.

func WithContext Uses

func WithContext(context appengine.Context, method, path string, f func(Context))

WithContext enables profiling of functions without a corresponding request, as in the appengine/delay package. method and path may be empty.

type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Context is a timing-aware appengine.Context.

func NewContext Uses

func NewContext(req *http.Request) Context

NewContext creates a new timing-aware context from req.

func (Context) Call Uses

func (c Context) Call(service, method string, in, out appengine_internal.ProtoMessage, opts *appengine_internal.CallOptions) error

Call times an appengine.Context Call. Internal use only.

func (Context) URL Uses

func (c Context) URL() string

URL returns the appstats URL for the current request.

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