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Notes, Keys, Chords and Scales

Author: Charney Kaye


There's an example command-line utility `music-theory.go` to demo the libraries, with a `bin/` wrapper.

To build and install `music-theory` to your machine:

make install

Then, to calculate the note pitch classes for a specified Chord:

$ music-theory chord "Cm nondominant -5 679"

root: C
  3: D#
  6: A
  7: A#
  9: D

To list the names of all the known chord-building rules:

$ music-theory chords

- Basic
- Nondominant
- Major Triad
- Minor Triad
- Augmented Triad
- Diminished Triad
- Suspended Triad
- Omit Fifth
- Flat Fifth
- Add Sixth
- Augmented Sixth
- Omit Sixth
- Add Seventh
- Dominant Seventh
- Major Seventh
- Minor Seventh
- Diminished Seventh
- Half Diminished Seventh
- Diminished Major Seventh
- Augmented Major Seventh
- Augmented Minor Seventh
- Harmonic Seventh
- Omit Seventh
- Add Ninth
- Dominant Ninth
- Major Ninth
- Minor Ninth
- Sharp Ninth
- Omit Ninth
- Add Eleventh
- Dominant Eleventh
- Major Eleventh
- Minor Eleventh
- Omit Eleventh
- Add Thirteenth
- Dominant Thirteenth
- Major Thirteenth
- Minor Thirteenth

To calculate the note pitch classes for a specified Scale:

$ music-theory scale "C aug"

root: C
1: C
2: D#
3: E
4: G
5: G#
6: B

To list the names of all the known scale-building rules:

$ music-theory scales

- Default (Major)
- Minor
- Major
- Natural Minor
- Diminished
- Augmented
- Melodic Minor Ascend
- Melodic Minor Descend
- Harmonic Minor
- Ionian
- Dorian
- Phrygian
- Lydian
- Mixolydian
- Aeolian
- Locrian

To determine a key:

$ music-theory key Db

root: Db
mode: Major
  root: Bb
  mode: Minor

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chordA chord, in music, is any harmonic set of three or more notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously.
keyThe key of a piece is a group of pitches, or scale upon which a music composition is created in classical, Western art, and Western pop music.
noteNote has an adjustment symbol (Sharp or Flat) to render the "accidental notes for a given name (e.g.
scaleA Scale Interval is how the members of the scale are counted, from 1 (the "root") to e.g.

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