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package monitor

import "gopkg.in/ns1/ns1-go.v2/rest/model/monitor"

Package monitor contains definitions for NS1 monitoring jobs.


Package Files

config.go doc.go job.go notify.go

type Config Uses

type Config map[string]interface{}

Config is a flat mapping where values are simple (no slices/maps).

func NewDNSConfig Uses

func NewDNSConfig(host, domain string, port int, t string, respTimeout int) *Config

NewDNSConfig constructs/returns a job configuration for DNS type jobs. host is the IP address or hostname of the nameserver to query. (Required) domain name to query. (Required) port is the dns port to query on host. t is the type of the DNS record type to query. respTimeout is the timeout(in ms) after sending query to wait for the output.

func NewHTTPConfig Uses

func NewHTTPConfig(url, method, ua, auth string, connTimeout int) *Config

NewHTTPConfig constructs/returns a job configuration for HTTP type jobs. url is the URL to query. (Required) method is the HTTP method(valid methods are HEAD, GET, and POST). ua is the user agent text in the request header. auth is the authorization header to use in request. connTimeout is the timeout(in sec) to wait for query output.

func NewPINGConfig Uses

func NewPINGConfig(host string, timeout, count, interval int) *Config

NewPINGConfig constructs/returns a job configuration for PING type jobs. host is the IP address or hostname to ping. (Required) timeout is the timeout(in ms) before marking the host as failed. count is the number of packets to send. interval is the minimum time(in ms) to wait between sending each packet.

func NewTCPConfig Uses

func NewTCPConfig(host string, port, connTimeout, respTimeout int, send string, ssl bool) *Config

NewTCPConfig constructs/returns a job configuration for TCP type jobs. host is the IP address or hostname to connect to. (Required) port is the tcp port to connect to on host. (Required) connTimeout is the timeout(in ms) before giving up on trying to connect. respTimeout is the timeout(in sec) after connecting to wait for output. send is the string to send to the host upon connecting. ssl determines whether to attempt negotiating an SSL connection.

type Job Uses

type Job struct {
    ID  string `json:"id,omitempty"`

    // The id of the notification list to send notifications to.
    NotifyListID string `json:"notify_list"`

    // Type of monitor to be run.
    // Available job types:
    //  - http: Do an HTTP request against a webserver
    //  - dns: Do a DNS lookup against a nameserver
    //  - tcp: Connect to a TCP port on a host
    //  - ping: Ping a host using ICMP packets
    Type string `json:"job_type"`

    // Configuration dictionary(key/vals depend on the jobs' type).
    Config Config `json:"config"`

    // The current status of the monitor.
    Status map[string]*Status `json:"status,omitempty"`

    // Rules for determining failure conditions.
    Rules []*Rule `json:"rules,omitempty"`

    // List of regions in which to run the monitor.
    // eg, ["dal", "sin", "sjc", "lga", "ams"]
    Regions []string `json:"regions"`

    // Indicates if the job is active or temporarily disabled.
    Active bool `json:"active"`

    // Frequency(in seconds), at which to run the monitor.
    Frequency int `json:"frequency"`

    // The policy for determining the monitor's global status based
    // on the status of the job in all regions.
    // Available policies:
    //  - quorum: Status change when majority status
    //  - all: Status change only when all regions are in agreement
    //  - one: Status change if any region changes
    Policy string `json:"policy"`

    // Controls behavior of how the job is assigned to monitoring regions.
    // Currently this must be fixed — indicating monitoring regions are explicitly chosen.
    RegionScope string `json:"region_scope"`

    // Freeform notes to be included in any notifications about this job,
    // e.g., instructions for operators who will receive the notifications.
    Notes string `json:"notes,omitempty"`

    // A free-form display name for the monitoring job.
    Name string `json:"name"`

    // Time(in seconds) between repeat notifications of a failed job.
    // Set to 0 to disable repeating notifications.
    NotifyRepeat int `json:"notify_repeat"`

    // If true, on any apparent state change, the job is quickly re-run after
    // one second to confirm the state change before notification.
    RapidRecheck bool `json:"rapid_recheck"`

    // Time(in seconds) after a failure to wait before sending a notification.
    NotifyDelay int `json:"notify_delay"`

    // If true, notifications are sent for any regional failure (and failback if desired),
    // in addition to global state notifications.
    NotifyRegional bool `json:"notify_regional"`

    // If true, a notification is sent when a job returns to an "up" state.
    NotifyFailback bool `json:"notify_failback"`

Job wraps an NS1 /monitoring/jobs resource

func (*Job) Activate Uses

func (j *Job) Activate()

Activate a monitoring job.

func (*Job) Deactivate Uses

func (j *Job) Deactivate()

Deactivate a monitoring job.

type Notification Uses

type Notification struct {
    Type   string `json:"type,omitempty"`
    Config Config `json:"config,omitempty"`

Notification represents endpoint to alert to.

func NewEmailNotification Uses

func NewEmailNotification(email string) *Notification

NewEmailNotification returns a notification that alerts via email.

func NewFeedNotification Uses

func NewFeedNotification(sourceID string) *Notification

NewFeedNotification returns a notification that alerts via datafeed.

func NewHipChatNotification Uses

func NewHipChatNotification(token, room string) *Notification

NewHipChatNotification returns a notification that alerts via hipchat.

func NewPagerDutyNotification Uses

func NewPagerDutyNotification(key string) *Notification

NewPagerDutyNotification returns a notification that alerts via pagerduty.

func NewSlackNotification Uses

func NewSlackNotification(url, username, channel string) *Notification

NewSlackNotification returns a notification that alerts via slack.

func NewUserNotification Uses

func NewUserNotification(username string) *Notification

NewUserNotification returns a notification that alerts via user.

func NewWebNotification Uses

func NewWebNotification(url string) *Notification

NewWebNotification returns a notification that alerts via webhook.

type NotifyList Uses

type NotifyList struct {
    ID            string          `json:"id,omitempty"`
    Name          string          `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Notifications []*Notification `json:"notify_list,omitempty"`

NotifyList wraps notifications.

func NewNotifyList Uses

func NewNotifyList(name string, nl ...*Notification) *NotifyList

NewNotifyList returns a notify list that alerts via the given notifications.

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    Comparators []string `json:"comparators"`
    Metric      bool     `json:"metric"`
    Validator   string   `json:"validator"`
    ShortDesc   string   `json:"shortdesc"`
    Type        string   `json:"type"`
    Desc        string   `json:"desc"`

Result wraps an element of a JobType's "results" attribute

type Rule Uses

type Rule struct {
    Key        string      `json:"key"`
    Value      interface{} `json:"value"`
    Comparison string      `json:"comparison"`

Rule wraps an element of a Job's "rules" attribute

type Status Uses

type Status struct {
    Since  int    `json:"since"`
    Status string `json:"status"`

Status wraps an value of a Job's "status" attribute

type StatusLog Uses

type StatusLog struct {
    Job    string `json:"job"`
    Region string `json:"region"`
    Status string `json:"status"`
    Since  int    `json:"since"`
    Until  int    `json:"until"`

StatusLog wraps an NS1 /monitoring/history resource

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