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package json2

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/json2"

Package json2 provides some improvements over the original json.


Package Files

marshal.go unmarshal.go

func MarshalIndentPB Uses

func MarshalIndentPB(pb proto.Message, indent string) ([]byte, error)

MarshalIndentPB MarshalIndents a proto.

func MarshalPB Uses

func MarshalPB(pb proto.Message) ([]byte, error)

MarshalPB marshals a proto.

func Unmarshal Uses

func Unmarshal(data []byte, v interface{}) error

Unmarshal wraps json.Unmarshal, but returns errors that also mention the line number. This function is not very efficient and should not be used for high QPS operations.

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