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package testsuite

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/callerid/testsuite"


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const (
    // FakePrincipal is the principal of testing effective CallerID
    FakePrincipal = "TestPrincipal"
    // FakeComponent is the component of testing effective CallerID
    FakeComponent = "TestComponent"
    // FakeSubcomponent is the subcomponent of testing effective CallerID
    FakeSubcomponent = "TestSubcomponent"
    // FakeUsername is the username of testing immediate CallerID
    FakeUsername = "TestUsername"

func RunTests Uses

func RunTests(t *testing.T, im *querypb.VTGateCallerID, ef *vtrpcpb.CallerID, newContext func(context.Context, *vtrpcpb.CallerID, *querypb.VTGateCallerID) context.Context)

RunTests performs the necessary testsuite for CallerID operations

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