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package logz

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/logz"

Package logz provides an infrastructure to expose a list of entries as a sortable table on a webpage.

It is used by many internal vttablet pages e.g. /queryz, /querylogz, /schemaz /streamqueryz or /txlogz.

See tabletserver/querylogz.go for an example how to use it.


Package Files


func EndHTMLTable Uses

func EndHTMLTable(w http.ResponseWriter)

EndHTMLTable writes the end of a logz-style table to an HTTP response.

func StartHTMLTable Uses

func StartHTMLTable(w http.ResponseWriter)

StartHTMLTable writes the start of a logz-style table to an HTTP response.

func Wrappable Uses

func Wrappable(in string) string

Wrappable inserts zero-width whitespaces to make the string wrappable.

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