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package mysqlctlclient

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/mysqlctl/mysqlctlclient"

Package mysqlctlclient contains the generic client side of the remote mysqlctl protocol.


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func RegisterFactory Uses

func RegisterFactory(name string, factory Factory)

RegisterFactory allows a client implementation to register itself

type Factory Uses

type Factory func(network, addr string) (MysqlctlClient, error)

Factory functions are registered by client implementations.

type MysqlctlClient Uses

type MysqlctlClient interface {
    // Start calls Mysqld.Start remotely.
    Start(ctx context.Context, mysqldArgs ...string) error

    // Shutdown calls Mysqld.Shutdown remotely.
    Shutdown(ctx context.Context, waitForMysqld bool) error

    // RunMysqlUpgrade calls Mysqld.RunMysqlUpgrade remotely.
    RunMysqlUpgrade(ctx context.Context) error

    // ReinitConfig calls Mysqld.ReinitConfig remotely.
    ReinitConfig(ctx context.Context) error

    // RefreshConfig calls Mysqld.RefreshConfig remotely.
    RefreshConfig(ctx context.Context) error

    // Close will terminate the connection. This object won't be used anymore.

MysqlctlClient defines the interface used to send remote mysqlctl commands

func New Uses

func New(network, addr string) (MysqlctlClient, error)

New creates a client implementation as specified by a flag.

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