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package schemaswap

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/schemamanager/schemaswap"


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func RegisterWorkflowFactory Uses

func RegisterWorkflowFactory()

RegisterWorkflowFactory registers schema swap as a valid factory in the workflow framework.

type Swap Uses

type Swap struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Swap contains meta-information and methods controlling schema swap process as a whole.

func (*Swap) Action Uses

func (schemaSwap *Swap) Action(ctx context.Context, path, name string) error

Action is a part of workflow.ActionListener interface. It registers "Retry" actions from UI.

func (*Swap) Run Uses

func (schemaSwap *Swap) Run(ctx context.Context, manager *workflow.Manager, workflowInfo *topo.WorkflowInfo) error

Run is a part of workflow.Workflow interface. This is the main entrance point of the schema swap workflow.

type SwapWorkflowFactory Uses

type SwapWorkflowFactory struct{}

SwapWorkflowFactory is a factory to create Swap objects as workflows.

func (*SwapWorkflowFactory) Init Uses

func (*SwapWorkflowFactory) Init(_ *workflow.Manager, workflowProto *workflowpb.Workflow, args []string) error

Init is a part of workflow.Factory interface. It initializes a Workflow protobuf object.

func (*SwapWorkflowFactory) Instantiate Uses

func (*SwapWorkflowFactory) Instantiate(_ *workflow.Manager, workflowProto *workflowpb.Workflow, rootNode *workflow.Node) (workflow.Workflow, error)

Instantiate is a part of workflow.Factory interface. It instantiates workflow.Workflow object from workflowpb.Workflow protobuf object.

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