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package test

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/topo/test"

Package test contains utilities to test topo.Conn implementations. If you are testing your implementation, you will want to call TopoServerTestSuite in your test method. For an example, look at the tests in vitess.io/vitess/go/vt/topo/memorytopo.


Package Files

directory.go election.go file.go keyspace.go lock.go replication.go serving.go shard.go tablet.go testing.go vschema.go watch.go


const LocalCellName = "test"

LocalCellName is the cell name used by this test suite.

func TopoServerTestSuite Uses

func TopoServerTestSuite(t *testing.T, factory func() *topo.Server)

TopoServerTestSuite runs the full topo.Server/Conn test suite. The factory method should return a topo.Server that has a single cell called LocalCellName.

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