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package vtcombo

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/vtcombo"


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func CreateTablet Uses

func CreateTablet(ctx context.Context, ts *topo.Server, cell string, uid uint32, keyspace, shard, dbname string, tabletType topodatapb.TabletType, mysqld mysqlctl.MysqlDaemon, dbcfgs *dbconfigs.DBConfigs) error

CreateTablet creates an individual tablet, with its agent, and adds it to the map. If it's a master tablet, it also issues a TER.

func InitTabletMap Uses

func InitTabletMap(ts *topo.Server, tpb *vttestpb.VTTestTopology, mysqld mysqlctl.MysqlDaemon, dbcfgs *dbconfigs.DBConfigs, schemaDir string, mycnf *mysqlctl.Mycnf) error

InitTabletMap creates the action agents and associated data structures for all tablets, based on the vttest proto parameter.

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