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package resharding

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/workflow/resharding"


Package Files

resharding_wrangler.go tasks.go workflow.go

func Register Uses

func Register()

Register registers the HorizontalReshardingWorkflowFactory as a factory in the workflow framework.

func WorkflowPhases Uses

func WorkflowPhases() []string

WorkflowPhases returns phases for resharding workflow

type Factory Uses

type Factory struct{}

Factory is the factory to create a horizontal resharding workflow.

func (*Factory) Init Uses

func (*Factory) Init(m *workflow.Manager, w *workflowpb.Workflow, args []string) error

Init is part of the workflow.Factory interface.

func (*Factory) Instantiate Uses

func (*Factory) Instantiate(m *workflow.Manager, w *workflowpb.Workflow, rootNode *workflow.Node) (workflow.Workflow, error)

Instantiate is part the workflow.Factory interface.

type ReshardingWrangler Uses

type ReshardingWrangler interface {
    CopySchemaShardFromShard(ctx context.Context, tables, excludeTables []string, includeViews bool, sourceKeyspace, sourceShard, destKeyspace, destShard string, waitSlaveTimeout time.Duration) error

    WaitForFilteredReplication(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard string, maxDelay time.Duration) error

    MigrateServedTypes(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard string, cells []string, servedType topodatapb.TabletType, reverse, skipReFreshState bool, filteredReplicationWaitTime time.Duration, reverseReplication bool) error

ReshardingWrangler is the interface to be used in creating mock interface for wrangler, which is used for unit test. It includes a subset of the methods in go/vt/Wrangler.

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