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package header

import ""


Package Files

header.go types.go

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    // Add adds the key, value pair to the header.
    Add(key string, value string)

    // Del deletes the values associated with key.
    Del(key string)

    // Get gets the first value associated with the given key.
    Get(key string) string

    // IsSet Check, is key set
    IsSet(key string) bool

    // Set sets the header entries associated with key to the single element value.
    Set(key string, value string)

    // Names Getting a list of all key names
    Names() (ret []string)

    // Len Return number of defined header names
    Len() int

    // Reset all headers

Interface is an interface of package

func New Uses

func New(item ...http.Header) Interface

New creates a new object and return interface

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