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package gorm

import "gorm.io/gorm"


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var (
    // ErrRecordNotFound record not found error
    ErrRecordNotFound = errors.New("record not found")
    // ErrInvalidTransaction invalid transaction when you are trying to `Commit` or `Rollback`
    ErrInvalidTransaction = errors.New("no valid transaction")
    // ErrNotImplemented not implemented
    ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("not implemented")
    // ErrMissingWhereClause missing where clause
    ErrMissingWhereClause = errors.New("WHERE conditions required")
    // ErrUnsupportedRelation unsupported relations
    ErrUnsupportedRelation = errors.New("unsupported relations")
    // ErrPrimaryKeyRequired primary keys required
    ErrPrimaryKeyRequired = errors.New("primary key required")
    // ErrModelValueRequired model value required
    ErrModelValueRequired = errors.New("model value required")
    // ErrInvalidData unsupported data
    ErrInvalidData = errors.New("unsupported data")
    // ErrUnsupportedDriver unsupported driver
    ErrUnsupportedDriver = errors.New("unsupported driver")
    // ErrRegistered registered
    ErrRegistered = errors.New("registered")
    // ErrInvalidField invalid field
    ErrInvalidField = errors.New("invalid field")
    // ErrEmptySlice empty slice found
    ErrEmptySlice = errors.New("empty slice found")
    // ErrDryRunModeUnsupported dry run mode unsupported
    ErrDryRunModeUnsupported = errors.New("dry run mode unsupported")

func Expr Uses

func Expr(expr string, args ...interface{}) clause.Expr

func Scan Uses

func Scan(rows *sql.Rows, db *DB, initialized bool)

type Association Uses

type Association struct {
    DB           *DB
    Relationship *schema.Relationship
    Error        error

Association Mode contains some helper methods to handle relationship things easily.

func (*Association) Append Uses

func (association *Association) Append(values ...interface{}) error

func (*Association) Clear Uses

func (association *Association) Clear() error

func (*Association) Count Uses

func (association *Association) Count() (count int64)

func (*Association) Delete Uses

func (association *Association) Delete(values ...interface{}) error

func (*Association) Find Uses

func (association *Association) Find(out interface{}, conds ...interface{}) error

func (*Association) Replace Uses

func (association *Association) Replace(values ...interface{}) error

type ColumnType Uses

type ColumnType interface {
    Name() string
    DatabaseTypeName() string
    Length() (length int64, ok bool)
    DecimalSize() (precision int64, scale int64, ok bool)
    Nullable() (nullable bool, ok bool)

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // GORM perform single create, update, delete operations in transactions by default to ensure database data integrity
    // You can disable it by setting `SkipDefaultTransaction` to true
    SkipDefaultTransaction bool
    // NamingStrategy tables, columns naming strategy
    NamingStrategy schema.Namer
    // FullSaveAssociations full save associations
    FullSaveAssociations bool
    // Logger
    Logger logger.Interface
    // NowFunc the function to be used when creating a new timestamp
    NowFunc func() time.Time
    // DryRun generate sql without execute
    DryRun bool
    // PrepareStmt executes the given query in cached statement
    PrepareStmt bool
    // DisableAutomaticPing
    DisableAutomaticPing bool
    // DisableForeignKeyConstraintWhenMigrating
    DisableForeignKeyConstraintWhenMigrating bool
    // AllowGlobalUpdate allow global update
    AllowGlobalUpdate bool

    // ClauseBuilders clause builder
    ClauseBuilders map[string]clause.ClauseBuilder
    // ConnPool db conn pool
    ConnPool ConnPool
    // Dialector database dialector
    // Plugins registered plugins
    Plugins map[string]Plugin
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Config GORM config

type ConnPool Uses

type ConnPool interface {
    PrepareContext(ctx context.Context, query string) (*sql.Stmt, error)
    ExecContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (sql.Result, error)
    QueryContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (*sql.Rows, error)
    QueryRowContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) *sql.Row

ConnPool db conns pool interface

type ConnPoolBeginner Uses

type ConnPoolBeginner interface {
    BeginTx(ctx context.Context, opts *sql.TxOptions) (ConnPool, error)

type DB Uses

type DB struct {
    Error        error
    RowsAffected int64
    Statement    *Statement
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DB GORM DB definition

func Open Uses

func Open(dialector Dialector, config *Config) (db *DB, err error)

Open initialize db session based on dialector

func (*DB) AddError Uses

func (db *DB) AddError(err error) error

AddError add error to db

func (*DB) Assign Uses

func (db *DB) Assign(attrs ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) Association Uses

func (db *DB) Association(column string) *Association

func (*DB) Attrs Uses

func (db *DB) Attrs(attrs ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) AutoMigrate Uses

func (db *DB) AutoMigrate(dst ...interface{}) error

AutoMigrate run auto migration for given models

func (*DB) Begin Uses

func (db *DB) Begin(opts ...*sql.TxOptions) *DB

Begin begins a transaction

func (*DB) Callback Uses

func (db *DB) Callback() *callbacks

Callback returns callback manager

func (*DB) Clauses Uses

func (db *DB) Clauses(conds ...clause.Expression) (tx *DB)

Clauses Add clauses

func (*DB) Commit Uses

func (db *DB) Commit() *DB

Commit commit a transaction

func (*DB) Count Uses

func (db *DB) Count(count *int64) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) Create Uses

func (db *DB) Create(value interface{}) (tx *DB)

Create insert the value into database

func (*DB) DB Uses

func (db *DB) DB() (*sql.DB, error)

DB returns `*sql.DB`

func (*DB) Debug Uses

func (db *DB) Debug() (tx *DB)

Debug start debug mode

func (*DB) Delete Uses

func (db *DB) Delete(value interface{}, conds ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Delete delete value match given conditions, if the value has primary key, then will including the primary key as condition

func (*DB) Distinct Uses

func (db *DB) Distinct(args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Distinct specify distinct fields that you want querying

func (*DB) Exec Uses

func (db *DB) Exec(sql string, values ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Exec execute raw sql

func (*DB) Find Uses

func (db *DB) Find(dest interface{}, conds ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Find find records that match given conditions

func (*DB) FindInBatches Uses

func (db *DB) FindInBatches(dest interface{}, batchSize int, fc func(tx *DB, batch int) error) (tx *DB)

FindInBatches find records in batches

func (*DB) First Uses

func (db *DB) First(dest interface{}, conds ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

First find first record that match given conditions, order by primary key

func (*DB) FirstOrCreate Uses

func (db *DB) FirstOrCreate(dest interface{}, conds ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) FirstOrInit Uses

func (db *DB) FirstOrInit(dest interface{}, conds ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) Get Uses

func (db *DB) Get(key string) (interface{}, bool)

Get get value with key from current db instance's context

func (*DB) Group Uses

func (db *DB) Group(name string) (tx *DB)

Group specify the group method on the find

func (*DB) Having Uses

func (db *DB) Having(query interface{}, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Having specify HAVING conditions for GROUP BY

func (*DB) InstanceGet Uses

func (db *DB) InstanceGet(key string) (interface{}, bool)

InstanceGet get value with key from current db instance's context

func (*DB) InstanceSet Uses

func (db *DB) InstanceSet(key string, value interface{}) *DB

InstanceSet store value with key into current db instance's context

func (*DB) Joins Uses

func (db *DB) Joins(query string, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Joins specify Joins conditions

db.Joins("JOIN emails ON emails.user_id = users.id AND emails.email = ?", "jinzhu@example.org").Find(&user)

func (*DB) Last Uses

func (db *DB) Last(dest interface{}, conds ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Last find last record that match given conditions, order by primary key

func (*DB) Limit Uses

func (db *DB) Limit(limit int) (tx *DB)

Limit specify the number of records to be retrieved

func (*DB) Migrator Uses

func (db *DB) Migrator() Migrator

Migrator returns migrator

func (*DB) Model Uses

func (db *DB) Model(value interface{}) (tx *DB)

Model specify the model you would like to run db operations

// update all users's name to `hello`
db.Model(&User{}).Update("name", "hello")
// if user's primary key is non-blank, will use it as condition, then will only update the user's name to `hello`
db.Model(&user).Update("name", "hello")

func (*DB) Not Uses

func (db *DB) Not(query interface{}, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Not add NOT conditions

func (*DB) Offset Uses

func (db *DB) Offset(offset int) (tx *DB)

Offset specify the number of records to skip before starting to return the records

func (*DB) Omit Uses

func (db *DB) Omit(columns ...string) (tx *DB)

Omit specify fields that you want to ignore when creating, updating and querying

func (*DB) Or Uses

func (db *DB) Or(query interface{}, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Or add OR conditions

func (*DB) Order Uses

func (db *DB) Order(value interface{}) (tx *DB)

Order specify order when retrieve records from database

db.Order("name DESC")
db.Order(clause.OrderByColumn{Column: clause.Column{Name: "name"}, Desc: true})

func (*DB) Pluck Uses

func (db *DB) Pluck(column string, dest interface{}) (tx *DB)

Pluck used to query single column from a model as a map

var ages []int64
db.Find(&users).Pluck("age", &ages)

func (*DB) Preload Uses

func (db *DB) Preload(query string, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Preload preload associations with given conditions

db.Preload("Orders", "state NOT IN (?)", "cancelled").Find(&users)

func (*DB) Raw Uses

func (db *DB) Raw(sql string, values ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) Rollback Uses

func (db *DB) Rollback() *DB

Rollback rollback a transaction

func (*DB) RollbackTo Uses

func (db *DB) RollbackTo(name string) *DB

func (*DB) Row Uses

func (db *DB) Row() *sql.Row

func (*DB) Rows Uses

func (db *DB) Rows() (*sql.Rows, error)

func (*DB) Save Uses

func (db *DB) Save(value interface{}) (tx *DB)

Save update value in database, if the value doesn't have primary key, will insert it

func (*DB) SavePoint Uses

func (db *DB) SavePoint(name string) *DB

func (*DB) Scan Uses

func (db *DB) Scan(dest interface{}) (tx *DB)

Scan scan value to a struct

func (*DB) ScanRows Uses

func (db *DB) ScanRows(rows *sql.Rows, dest interface{}) error

func (*DB) Scopes Uses

func (db *DB) Scopes(funcs ...func(*DB) *DB) *DB

Scopes pass current database connection to arguments `func(DB) DB`, which could be used to add conditions dynamically

func AmountGreaterThan1000(db *gorm.DB) *gorm.DB {
    return db.Where("amount > ?", 1000)

func OrderStatus(status []string) func (db *gorm.DB) *gorm.DB {
    return func (db *gorm.DB) *gorm.DB {
        return db.Scopes(AmountGreaterThan1000).Where("status in (?)", status)

db.Scopes(AmountGreaterThan1000, OrderStatus([]string{"paid", "shipped"})).Find(&orders)

func (*DB) Select Uses

func (db *DB) Select(query interface{}, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Select specify fields that you want when querying, creating, updating

func (*DB) Session Uses

func (db *DB) Session(config *Session) *DB

Session create new db session

func (*DB) Set Uses

func (db *DB) Set(key string, value interface{}) *DB

Set store value with key into current db instance's context

func (*DB) SetupJoinTable Uses

func (db *DB) SetupJoinTable(model interface{}, field string, joinTable interface{}) error

func (*DB) Table Uses

func (db *DB) Table(name string, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Table specify the table you would like to run db operations

func (*DB) Take Uses

func (db *DB) Take(dest interface{}, conds ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Take return a record that match given conditions, the order will depend on the database implementation

func (*DB) Transaction Uses

func (db *DB) Transaction(fc func(tx *DB) error, opts ...*sql.TxOptions) (err error)

Transaction start a transaction as a block, return error will rollback, otherwise to commit.

func (*DB) Unscoped Uses

func (db *DB) Unscoped() (tx *DB)

func (*DB) Update Uses

func (db *DB) Update(column string, value interface{}) (tx *DB)

Update update attributes with callbacks, refer: https://gorm.io/docs/update.html#Update-Changed-Fields

func (*DB) UpdateColumn Uses

func (db *DB) UpdateColumn(column string, value interface{}) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) UpdateColumns Uses

func (db *DB) UpdateColumns(values interface{}) (tx *DB)

func (*DB) Updates Uses

func (db *DB) Updates(values interface{}) (tx *DB)

Updates update attributes with callbacks, refer: https://gorm.io/docs/update.html#Update-Changed-Fields

func (*DB) Use Uses

func (db *DB) Use(plugin Plugin) (err error)

func (*DB) Where Uses

func (db *DB) Where(query interface{}, args ...interface{}) (tx *DB)

Where add conditions

func (*DB) WithContext Uses

func (db *DB) WithContext(ctx context.Context) *DB

WithContext change current instance db's context to ctx

type DeletedAt Uses

type DeletedAt sql.NullTime

func (DeletedAt) DeleteClauses Uses

func (DeletedAt) DeleteClauses(f *schema.Field) []clause.Interface

func (DeletedAt) MarshalJSON Uses

func (n DeletedAt) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (DeletedAt) QueryClauses Uses

func (DeletedAt) QueryClauses(f *schema.Field) []clause.Interface

func (*DeletedAt) Scan Uses

func (n *DeletedAt) Scan(value interface{}) error

Scan implements the Scanner interface.

func (*DeletedAt) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (n *DeletedAt) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

func (DeletedAt) Value Uses

func (n DeletedAt) Value() (driver.Value, error)

Value implements the driver Valuer interface.

type Dialector Uses

type Dialector interface {
    Name() string
    Initialize(*DB) error
    Migrator(db *DB) Migrator
    DataTypeOf(*schema.Field) string
    DefaultValueOf(*schema.Field) clause.Expression
    BindVarTo(writer clause.Writer, stmt *Statement, v interface{})
    QuoteTo(clause.Writer, string)
    Explain(sql string, vars ...interface{}) string

Dialector GORM database dialector

type Migrator Uses

type Migrator interface {
    // AutoMigrate
    AutoMigrate(dst ...interface{}) error

    // Database
    CurrentDatabase() string
    FullDataTypeOf(*schema.Field) clause.Expr

    // Tables
    CreateTable(dst ...interface{}) error
    DropTable(dst ...interface{}) error
    HasTable(dst interface{}) bool
    RenameTable(oldName, newName interface{}) error

    // Columns
    AddColumn(dst interface{}, field string) error
    DropColumn(dst interface{}, field string) error
    AlterColumn(dst interface{}, field string) error
    MigrateColumn(dst interface{}, field *schema.Field, columnType ColumnType) error
    HasColumn(dst interface{}, field string) bool
    RenameColumn(dst interface{}, oldName, field string) error
    ColumnTypes(dst interface{}) ([]ColumnType, error)

    // Views
    CreateView(name string, option ViewOption) error
    DropView(name string) error

    // Constraints
    CreateConstraint(dst interface{}, name string) error
    DropConstraint(dst interface{}, name string) error
    HasConstraint(dst interface{}, name string) bool

    // Indexes
    CreateIndex(dst interface{}, name string) error
    DropIndex(dst interface{}, name string) error
    HasIndex(dst interface{}, name string) bool
    RenameIndex(dst interface{}, oldName, newName string) error

type Model Uses

type Model struct {
    ID        uint `gorm:"primarykey"`
    CreatedAt time.Time
    UpdatedAt time.Time
    DeletedAt DeletedAt `gorm:"index"`

Model a basic GoLang struct which includes the following fields: ID, CreatedAt, UpdatedAt, DeletedAt It may be embedded into your model or you may build your own model without it

type User struct {

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin interface {
    Name() string
    Initialize(*DB) error

Plugin GORM plugin interface

type PreparedStmtDB Uses

type PreparedStmtDB struct {
    Stmts       map[string]*sql.Stmt
    PreparedSQL []string
    Mux         *sync.RWMutex

func (*PreparedStmtDB) BeginTx Uses

func (db *PreparedStmtDB) BeginTx(ctx context.Context, opt *sql.TxOptions) (ConnPool, error)

func (*PreparedStmtDB) Close Uses

func (db *PreparedStmtDB) Close()

func (*PreparedStmtDB) ExecContext Uses

func (db *PreparedStmtDB) ExecContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (result sql.Result, err error)

func (*PreparedStmtDB) QueryContext Uses

func (db *PreparedStmtDB) QueryContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (rows *sql.Rows, err error)

func (*PreparedStmtDB) QueryRowContext Uses

func (db *PreparedStmtDB) QueryRowContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) *sql.Row

type PreparedStmtTX Uses

type PreparedStmtTX struct {
    PreparedStmtDB *PreparedStmtDB

func (*PreparedStmtTX) Commit Uses

func (tx *PreparedStmtTX) Commit() error

func (*PreparedStmtTX) ExecContext Uses

func (tx *PreparedStmtTX) ExecContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (result sql.Result, err error)

func (*PreparedStmtTX) QueryContext Uses

func (tx *PreparedStmtTX) QueryContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (rows *sql.Rows, err error)

func (*PreparedStmtTX) QueryRowContext Uses

func (tx *PreparedStmtTX) QueryRowContext(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) *sql.Row

func (*PreparedStmtTX) Rollback Uses

func (tx *PreparedStmtTX) Rollback() error

type SavePointerDialectorInterface Uses

type SavePointerDialectorInterface interface {
    SavePoint(tx *DB, name string) error
    RollbackTo(tx *DB, name string) error

SavePointerDialectorInterface save pointer interface

type Session Uses

type Session struct {
    DryRun                 bool
    PrepareStmt            bool
    WithConditions         bool
    SkipDefaultTransaction bool
    AllowGlobalUpdate      bool
    FullSaveAssociations   bool
    Context                context.Context
    Logger                 logger.Interface
    NowFunc                func() time.Time

Session session config when create session with Session() method

type SoftDeleteDeleteClause Uses

type SoftDeleteDeleteClause struct {
    Field *schema.Field

func (SoftDeleteDeleteClause) Build Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteDeleteClause) Build(clause.Builder)

func (SoftDeleteDeleteClause) MergeClause Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteDeleteClause) MergeClause(*clause.Clause)

func (SoftDeleteDeleteClause) ModifyStatement Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteDeleteClause) ModifyStatement(stmt *Statement)

func (SoftDeleteDeleteClause) Name Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteDeleteClause) Name() string

type SoftDeleteQueryClause Uses

type SoftDeleteQueryClause struct {
    Field *schema.Field

func (SoftDeleteQueryClause) Build Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteQueryClause) Build(clause.Builder)

func (SoftDeleteQueryClause) MergeClause Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteQueryClause) MergeClause(*clause.Clause)

func (SoftDeleteQueryClause) ModifyStatement Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteQueryClause) ModifyStatement(stmt *Statement)

func (SoftDeleteQueryClause) Name Uses

func (sd SoftDeleteQueryClause) Name() string

type Statement Uses

type Statement struct {
    TableExpr            *clause.Expr
    Table                string
    Model                interface{}
    Unscoped             bool
    Dest                 interface{}
    ReflectValue         reflect.Value
    Clauses              map[string]clause.Clause
    Distinct             bool
    Selects              []string // selected columns
    Omits                []string // omit columns
    Joins                []join
    Preloads             map[string][]interface{}
    Settings             sync.Map
    ConnPool             ConnPool
    Schema               *schema.Schema
    Context              context.Context
    RaiseErrorOnNotFound bool
    UpdatingColumn       bool
    SQL                  strings.Builder
    Vars                 []interface{}
    CurDestIndex         int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Statement statement

func (*Statement) AddClause Uses

func (stmt *Statement) AddClause(v clause.Interface)

AddClause add clause

func (*Statement) AddClauseIfNotExists Uses

func (stmt *Statement) AddClauseIfNotExists(v clause.Interface)

AddClauseIfNotExists add clause if not exists

func (*Statement) AddVar Uses

func (stmt *Statement) AddVar(writer clause.Writer, vars ...interface{})

Write write string

func (*Statement) Build Uses

func (stmt *Statement) Build(clauses ...string)

Build build sql with clauses names

func (*Statement) BuildCondition Uses

func (stmt *Statement) BuildCondition(query interface{}, args ...interface{}) (conds []clause.Expression)

BuildCondition build condition

func (*Statement) Changed Uses

func (stmt *Statement) Changed(fields ...string) bool

Changed check model changed or not when updating

func (*Statement) Parse Uses

func (stmt *Statement) Parse(value interface{}) (err error)

func (*Statement) Quote Uses

func (stmt *Statement) Quote(field interface{}) string

Quote returns quoted value

func (*Statement) QuoteTo Uses

func (stmt *Statement) QuoteTo(writer clause.Writer, field interface{})

QuoteTo write quoted value to writer

func (*Statement) SelectAndOmitColumns Uses

func (stmt *Statement) SelectAndOmitColumns(requireCreate, requireUpdate bool) (map[string]bool, bool)

SelectAndOmitColumns get select and omit columns, select -> true, omit -> false

func (*Statement) SetColumn Uses

func (stmt *Statement) SetColumn(name string, value interface{})

Helpers SetColumn set column's value

func (*Statement) WriteByte Uses

func (stmt *Statement) WriteByte(c byte) error

Write write string

func (*Statement) WriteQuoted Uses

func (stmt *Statement) WriteQuoted(value interface{})

WriteQuoted write quoted value

func (*Statement) WriteString Uses

func (stmt *Statement) WriteString(str string) (int, error)

Write write string

type StatementModifier Uses

type StatementModifier interface {

StatementModifier statement modifier interface

type TxBeginner Uses

type TxBeginner interface {
    BeginTx(ctx context.Context, opts *sql.TxOptions) (*sql.Tx, error)

type TxCommitter Uses

type TxCommitter interface {
    Commit() error
    Rollback() error

type Valuer Uses

type Valuer interface {
    GormValue(context.Context, *DB) clause.Expr

Valuer gorm valuer interface

type ViewOption Uses

type ViewOption struct {
    Replace     bool
    CheckOption string
    Query       *DB

ViewOption view option

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