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Riviera is a feed aggregator.

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feedPackage feed provides a feed fetcher capable of reading multiple formats into a common structure.
feed/atomPackage atom provides a parser for Atom feeds.
feed/commonPackage common contains structs for a unified feed format.
feed/hfeedPackage hfeed provides a parser for h-feeds.
feed/jsonfeedPackage jsonfeed provides a parser for the jsonfeed format.
feed/rdfPackage rdf provides a parser for RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0.
feed/rssPackage rss provides a parser for RSS v2.0 feeds.
riverPackage river aggregates feeds into a riverjs file.
river/confluencePackage confluence manages a list of subscribed feeds.
river/dataPackage data provides the ability to rebuild previous feeds and remove duplicate items.
river/data/boltdataPackage boltdata implements data over a bolt database.
river/data/memdataPackage memdata implements data over a set of in memory maps.
river/eventsPackage events keeps track of the results of fetching feeds.
river/mappingPackage mapping converts a feed item into a riverjs item.
river/riverjsPackage riverjs contains structs that map to the parts of a riverjs feed.
river/tributaryPackage tributary fetches a single feed.
subscriptionsPackage subscriptions implements a list of feeds along with operations to modify the list.
subscriptions/opmlPackage opml implements functions capable of parsing opml files containing a list of feed subscriptions.

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