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package tributary

import "hawx.me/code/riviera/river/tributary"

Package tributary fetches a single feed.


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type Tributary Uses

type Tributary interface {
    // Name returns a unique name to refer to the tributary.
    Name() string

    // Feeds sets a channel that is used to send out the latest updates to the
    // tributary.
    Feeds(chan<- riverjs.Feed)

    // Events sets a channel that is used to send out events for the tributary.
    Events(chan<- events.Event)

    // Start polling for updates.

    // Stop polling.

A Tributary reports changes in a feed to the channels it is given.

func New Uses

func New(store feed.Database, uri string, cacheTimeout time.Duration, mapping mapping.Mapping) Tributary

New returns a tributary watching the feed at the URI given.

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