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package vstring

import ""

Package vstring implements the string type.


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type VString Uses

type VString struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A string value, eg. `"hello world"`.

func New Uses

func New(s string) *VString

New creates a new VString with the value given.

func (*VString) Compare Uses

func (v *VString) Compare(other types.VType) int

Compare returns 0 if the other string is equal, -1 if it less than or 1 if it greater than.

func (*VString) Copy Uses

func (v *VString) Copy() types.VType

func (*VString) String Uses

func (v *VString) String() string

String returns the value formatted as a string.

func (*VString) Type Uses

func (v *VString) Type() string

Type returns the name of the type, "string".

func (*VString) Value Uses

func (v *VString) Value() interface{}

Value returns the value.

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