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package autoconfigure

import "hidevops.io/hiboot/pkg/factory/autoconfigure"

Package autoconfigure implement ConfigurableFactory


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const (
    // System configuration name
    System = "system"

    // PropAppProfilesActive is the property name "app.profiles.active"
    PropAppProfilesActive = "app.profiles.active"

    // EnvAppProfilesActive is the environment variable name APP_PROFILES_ACTIVE
    EnvAppProfilesActive = "APP_PROFILES_ACTIVE"

    // PostfixConfiguration is the Configuration postfix
    PostfixConfiguration = "Configuration"


var (
    // ErrInvalidMethod method is invalid
    ErrInvalidMethod = errors.New("[factory] method is invalid")

    // ErrFactoryCannotBeNil means that the InstantiateFactory can not be nil
    ErrFactoryCannotBeNil = errors.New("[factory] InstantiateFactory can not be nil")

    // ErrFactoryIsNotInitialized means that the InstantiateFactory is not initialized
    ErrFactoryIsNotInitialized = errors.New("[factory] InstantiateFactory is not initialized")

    // ErrInvalidObjectType means that the Configuration type is invalid, it should embeds app.Configuration
    ErrInvalidObjectType = errors.New("[factory] invalid Configuration type, one of app.Configuration need to be embedded")

    // ErrConfigurationNameIsTaken means that the configuration name is already taken
    ErrConfigurationNameIsTaken = errors.New("[factory] configuration name is already taken")

    // ErrComponentNameIsTaken means that the component name is already taken
    ErrComponentNameIsTaken = errors.New("[factory] component name is already taken")

func NewConfigurableFactory Uses

func NewConfigurableFactory(instantiateFactory factory.InstantiateFactory, configurations cmap.ConcurrentMap) factory.ConfigurableFactory

NewConfigurableFactory is the constructor of configurableFactory

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