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package utils

import "hidevops.io/hiboot/pkg/utils"

Package utils provides useful utilities

This example shows how to use the utilities




Package Files



cmapPackage cmap provides concurrent map
copierPackage copier provides utility that copy element between structs
cryptoPackage crypto provides crypto encryption/decryption utilities
crypto/aesPackage aes provides aes encryption/decryption utilities
crypto/base64Package base64 provides base64 encryption/decryption utilities
crypto/md5Package md5 provides md5 encryption utilities
crypto/rsaPackage rsa provides rsa encryption/decryption utilities
gotestPackage gotest provides function to check whether is running in go test mode.
idgenPackage idgen provides unique id generation utilities that use twitter's snowflake algorithm
ioPackage io provides file or directory io utilities.
mapstructPackage mapstruct provides utilities that decode map and inject values into struct
reflectorPackage reflector provides utilities for reflection
replacerPackage replacer provides utilities that replace the reference and environment variables with its value
sortPackage sort provides utility that sort slice by length
strPackage str provides enhanced string utilities
validatorPackage validator provides data validation utilities

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