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package race

import "internal/race"

Package race contains helper functions for manually instrumenting code for the race detector.

The runtime package intentionally exports these functions only in the race build; this package exports them unconditionally but without the "race" build tag they are no-ops.


Package Files

doc.go norace.go


const Enabled = false

func Acquire Uses

func Acquire(addr unsafe.Pointer)

func Disable Uses

func Disable()

func Enable Uses

func Enable()

func Errors Uses

func Errors() int

func Read Uses

func Read(addr unsafe.Pointer)

func ReadRange Uses

func ReadRange(addr unsafe.Pointer, len int)

func Release Uses

func Release(addr unsafe.Pointer)

func ReleaseMerge Uses

func ReleaseMerge(addr unsafe.Pointer)

func Write Uses

func Write(addr unsafe.Pointer)

func WriteRange Uses

func WriteRange(addr unsafe.Pointer, len int)

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