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package install

import ""


Package Files

binaries.go cniconfig.go install.go kubeconfig.go server.go

func SetNotReady Uses

func SetNotReady(isReady *atomic.Value)

Sets isReady to false.

func SetReady Uses

func SetReady(isReady *atomic.Value)

Sets isReady to true.

func StartServer Uses

func StartServer() *atomic.Value

StartServer initializes and starts a web server that exposes liveness and readiness endpoints at port 8000.

type Installer Uses

type Installer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewInstaller Uses

func NewInstaller(cfg *config.Config, isReady *atomic.Value) *Installer

NewInstaller returns an instance of Installer with the given config

func (*Installer) Cleanup Uses

func (in *Installer) Cleanup() error

Cleanup remove Istio CNI's config, kubeconfig file, and binaries.

func (*Installer) Run Uses

func (in *Installer) Run(ctx context.Context) (err error)

Run starts the installation process, verifies the configuration, then sleeps. If an invalid configuration is detected, the installation process will restart to restore a valid state.

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