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package repair

import ""


Package Files

repair.go repair_test_helpers.go repaircontroller.go

type BrokenPodReconciler Uses

type BrokenPodReconciler struct {
    Filters *Filters
    Options *Options
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

The pod reconciler struct. Contains state used to reconcile broken pods.

func NewBrokenPodReconciler Uses

func NewBrokenPodReconciler(client client.Interface, filters *Filters, options *Options) BrokenPodReconciler

Constructs a new BrokenPodReconciler struct.

func (BrokenPodReconciler) DeleteBrokenPods Uses

func (bpr BrokenPodReconciler) DeleteBrokenPods() error

Delete all pods detected as broken by ListPods

func (BrokenPodReconciler) LabelBrokenPods Uses

func (bpr BrokenPodReconciler) LabelBrokenPods() (err error)

Label all pods detected as broken by ListPods with a customizable label

func (BrokenPodReconciler) ListBrokenPods Uses

func (bpr BrokenPodReconciler) ListBrokenPods() (list v1.PodList, err error)

Lists all pods identified as broken by our Filter criteria

func (BrokenPodReconciler) ReconcilePod Uses

func (bpr BrokenPodReconciler) ReconcilePod(pod v1.Pod) (err error)

type Controller Uses

type Controller struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRepairController Uses

func NewRepairController(reconciler BrokenPodReconciler) (*Controller, error)

func (*Controller) Run Uses

func (rc *Controller) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

type Filters Uses

type Filters struct {
    NodeName                        string `json:"node_name"`
    SidecarAnnotation               string `json:"sidecar_annotation"`
    InitContainerName               string `json:"init_container_name"`
    InitContainerTerminationMessage string `json:"init_container_termination_message"`
    InitContainerExitCode           int    `json:"init_container_exit_code"`
    FieldSelectors                  string `json:"field_selectors"`
    LabelSelectors                  string `json:"label_selectors"`

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    PodLabelKey   string `json:"pod_label_key"`
    PodLabelValue string `json:"pod_label_value"`
    LabelPods     bool   `json:"label_pods"`
    DeletePods    bool   `json:"delete_broken_pods"`

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