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package local

import ""


Package Files

analyze.go source.go

type SourceAnalyzer Uses

type SourceAnalyzer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SourceAnalyzer handles local analysis of k8s event sources, both live and file-based

func NewSourceAnalyzer Uses

func NewSourceAnalyzer(m *schema.Metadata, analyzer *analysis.CombinedAnalyzer, namespace string,
    cr snapshotter.CollectionReporterFn, serviceDiscovery bool) *SourceAnalyzer

NewSourceAnalyzer creates a new SourceAnalyzer with no sources. Use the Add*Source methods to add sources in ascending precedence order, then execute Analyze to perform the analysis

func (*SourceAnalyzer) AddFileKubeSource Uses

func (sa *SourceAnalyzer) AddFileKubeSource(files []string) error

AddFileKubeSource adds a source based on the specified k8s yaml files to the current SourceAnalyzer

func (*SourceAnalyzer) AddRunningKubeSource Uses

func (sa *SourceAnalyzer) AddRunningKubeSource(k kube.Interfaces)

AddRunningKubeSource adds a source based on a running k8s cluster to the current SourceAnalyzer

func (*SourceAnalyzer) Analyze Uses

func (sa *SourceAnalyzer) Analyze(cancel chan struct{}) (diag.Messages, error)

Analyze loads the sources and executes the analysis

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