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package msg

import ""


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var (
    InternalError = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Error, "IST0001", "Internal error: %v")

    NotYetImplemented = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Error, "IST0002", "Not yet implemented: %s")

    ParseError = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0003", "Parse error: %s")

    Deprecated = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0004", "Deprecated: %s")

    ReferencedResourceNotFound = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Error, "IST0101", "Referenced %s not found: %q")

    NamespaceNotInjected = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0102", "" /* 226 byte string literal not displayed */)

    PodMissingProxy = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0103", "The pod is missing its Istio proxy. Run 'kubectl delete pod %s -n %s' to restart it")

    GatewayPortNotOnWorkload = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0104", "The gateway refers to a port that is not exposed on the workload (pod selector %s; port %d)")

    IstioProxyVersionMismatch = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0105", "" /* 246 byte string literal not displayed */)

    SchemaValidationError = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Error, "IST0106", "The resource has one or more schema validation errors: %v")

    MisplacedAnnotation = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0107", "Misplaced annotation: %s can only be applied to %s")

    UnknownAnnotation = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Warning, "IST0108", "Unknown annotation: %s")

    ConflictingMeshGatewayVirtualServiceHosts = diag.NewMessageType(diag.Error, "IST0109", "" /* 200 byte string literal not displayed */)

func NewConflictingMeshGatewayVirtualServiceHosts Uses

func NewConflictingMeshGatewayVirtualServiceHosts(entry *resource.Entry, virtualServices string, host string) diag.Message

NewConflictingMeshGatewayVirtualServiceHosts returns a new diag.Message based on ConflictingMeshGatewayVirtualServiceHosts.

func NewDeprecated Uses

func NewDeprecated(entry *resource.Entry, detail string) diag.Message

NewDeprecated returns a new diag.Message based on Deprecated.

func NewGatewayPortNotOnWorkload Uses

func NewGatewayPortNotOnWorkload(entry *resource.Entry, selector string, port int) diag.Message

NewGatewayPortNotOnWorkload returns a new diag.Message based on GatewayPortNotOnWorkload.

func NewInternalError Uses

func NewInternalError(entry *resource.Entry, detail string) diag.Message

NewInternalError returns a new diag.Message based on InternalError.

func NewIstioProxyVersionMismatch Uses

func NewIstioProxyVersionMismatch(entry *resource.Entry, proxyVersion string, injectionVersion string) diag.Message

NewIstioProxyVersionMismatch returns a new diag.Message based on IstioProxyVersionMismatch.

func NewMisplacedAnnotation Uses

func NewMisplacedAnnotation(entry *resource.Entry, annotation string, kind string) diag.Message

NewMisplacedAnnotation returns a new diag.Message based on MisplacedAnnotation.

func NewNamespaceNotInjected Uses

func NewNamespaceNotInjected(entry *resource.Entry, namespace string, namespace2 string) diag.Message

NewNamespaceNotInjected returns a new diag.Message based on NamespaceNotInjected.

func NewNotYetImplemented Uses

func NewNotYetImplemented(entry *resource.Entry, detail string) diag.Message

NewNotYetImplemented returns a new diag.Message based on NotYetImplemented.

func NewParseError Uses

func NewParseError(entry *resource.Entry, detail string) diag.Message

NewParseError returns a new diag.Message based on ParseError.

func NewPodMissingProxy Uses

func NewPodMissingProxy(entry *resource.Entry, pod string, namespace string) diag.Message

NewPodMissingProxy returns a new diag.Message based on PodMissingProxy.

func NewReferencedResourceNotFound Uses

func NewReferencedResourceNotFound(entry *resource.Entry, reftype string, refval string) diag.Message

NewReferencedResourceNotFound returns a new diag.Message based on ReferencedResourceNotFound.

func NewSchemaValidationError Uses

func NewSchemaValidationError(entry *resource.Entry, combinedErr error) diag.Message

NewSchemaValidationError returns a new diag.Message based on SchemaValidationError.

func NewUnknownAnnotation Uses

func NewUnknownAnnotation(entry *resource.Entry, annotation string) diag.Message

NewUnknownAnnotation returns a new diag.Message based on UnknownAnnotation.

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