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package collection

import ""


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instance.go set.go

type Instance Uses

type Instance struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Instance is collection of resources, indexed by name.

func New Uses

func New(collection collection.Schema) *Instance

New returns a new collection.Instance

func (*Instance) Clear Uses

func (c *Instance) Clear()

Clear the contents of this instance.

func (*Instance) Clone Uses

func (c *Instance) Clone() *Instance

Clone the instance

func (*Instance) ForEach Uses

func (c *Instance) ForEach(fn func(e *resource.Instance) bool)

ForEach executes the given function for each entry

func (*Instance) Generation Uses

func (c *Instance) Generation() int64

Generation of the current state of the collection.Instance

func (*Instance) Get Uses

func (c *Instance) Get(name resource.FullName) *resource.Instance

Get the instance with the given name

func (*Instance) Name Uses

func (c *Instance) Name() collection.Name

Name of the collection

func (*Instance) Remove Uses

func (c *Instance) Remove(n resource.FullName)

Remove an entry from the collection.

func (*Instance) Schema Uses

func (c *Instance) Schema() collection.Schema

Schema for the collection.

func (*Instance) Set Uses

func (c *Instance) Set(r *resource.Instance)

Set an entry in the collection

func (*Instance) Size Uses

func (c *Instance) Size() int

Size returns the number of items in the set

type Set Uses

type Set struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Set of collections

func NewSet Uses

func NewSet(schemas collection.Schemas) *Set

NewSet returns a new set of collections for the given schemas.

func NewSetFromCollections Uses

func NewSetFromCollections(collections []*Instance) *Set

NewSetFromCollections creates a new set based on the given collections

func (*Set) Clone Uses

func (s *Set) Clone() *Set

Clone the set.

func (*Set) Collection Uses

func (s *Set) Collection(n collection.Name) *Instance

Collection returns the named collection

func (*Set) Names Uses

func (s *Set) Names() collection.Names

Names of the collections in the set.

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